Property Valuers Service

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is here to help our clients with a wide range of property valuers service. Our experts are specialised in many fields from commercial to residential, urban, and rural. Our property valuers Melbourne are highly qualified experts, tailoring our services so that we are able to value any property for any purpose.

We guarantee our experts are licensed, accredited professionals, all certified by the Australian Property Institute (API) with 20 years of real-world experience and local knowledge. At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we understand it can be hard to identify which service you will need, our team is here to help you break down the main reason you need our services and how we can best assist you.

Our services include everything from current market value, residential and commercial property, Mortgage security, house, land, and assets – the list goes on!

Each property valuer in our expert team is dedicated to providing our clients with accurate, detailed and comprehensive property reports that are free from bias, regardless of what type of valuation you require. We have detailed each of these services available to help you determine which best suits your property related requirements.

We guarantee a tailored service, having a property valuer Melbourne that is local to your area and has the knowledge and understanding of what you require is what we are all about. For your convivence, we have complied a list of the most common types of services our clients have required.

Our List of Property Valuers Services:

Certified Property Valuers

Certified Property Valuers are the only professionals that should be trusted to find the value of your property. These experts have completed years of education and training to be able to provide property reports of consistently high quality. In fact, for most official purposes only a report coming from a certified expert can be used.

Each of the experts at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is fully certified, as members of the Australian Property Institute they are held to an exacting level of quality that must be reflected in each and every report they create. If they do not keep to these standards, they are at great risk of losing their certification.

Commercial Property Valuers

While the majority of our clients need to know the value of their residential property many others are concerned with their commercial property. These cases can be very similar to ones that involve dwellings but do have server key differences. Our expert commercial property valuers know exactly how to deal with these differences and deliver an accurate value.

We have helped thousands of happy clients find the right value for their commercial real estate. From pre-sale advice to insurance, we have been able to help thousands of happy clients move closer to financial and personal goals. We are confident that we can help you with yours.

Current Market Value

The majority of our clients need to know their property’s current market value. This value can be useful in many different ways, form pre-purchase advice to family law cases, this one number can go a long way. Our team is able to complete all necessary research in the property market as it currently exists to, the data they uncover allows them to calculate and accurate value.

The current market value is the amount a specific property would expect to be sold for if it were to be placed on the market. Unlike an appraisal the value that we devise is based solely on objective data and not gut feelings.

Independent Property Valuers

All of the property experts at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro are independent. This means that each of the property reports we create for our clients only contain the facts of the market as they exist at the time of our valuers’ investigation.

Our reliance on facts sets us apart from appraisers who do not have the training or resources needed to find an accurate value. Our independence also separates us from valuers working for banks. They are working for the interest of whatever bank they are working for and not you. Our valuers on the other hand only have your interests at heart.

Land Valuers

We can find the value of nearly anything. Our land experts are able to use their skills to help our clients with whatever it is they need, including finding the value of land. Each of our expert land valuers has decades of experience in this specific industry and can help you find the value of your land.

All of our experts have been certified and are able to produce land reports that can be used in a variety of circumstances. As with all of the services we provide to clients, our land reports will be made to fit the exact needs of clients to ensure that we do all we can to help.

Mortgage Security Valuers

More and more Australians are looking to have their mortgage secured by smaller financial groups. Before a loan can be given most groups will need to know the properties objective value, when this happens it is important to use an independent group of mortgage security valuers.

Our team of experts are able to calculate an accurate value for any type of property. On top of this we also know how to compile a report that will reflect this value and all relevant research in a way that is acceptable to a finical institution. We have been able to help 100s of clients achieve this goal and are more the ready to help you achieve yours.

Residential Property Valuers

Each member of our team is an expert residential property valuer. These types of valuations are by far our most common type, we are proud to have been able to help thousands of our redenial clients achieve their financial goals. From current date to retrospective, we are able to calculate an accurate value for any home, apartment, or other type of dwelling.

Our team of valuers are more than qualified to value any residence. No matter your purpose our experts can conduct all necessary work to give you an accurate value and produce a report tailored precisely to your needs.

We Are Always Here to Help

If you need help determining how our valuers can best hep you, please reach out to us today. Our expert office staff can walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have about our valuers and our services. You can reach us by calling (03) 9021 2007 or by filling out the Contact Us form that can be found below.