Melbourne Mortgage Security Valuers

A valuation for mortgage security is paramount in the loan application process. In most cases, a valuation will be recommended to ensure that the property correctly reflects the loan amount. A financial institution will use a valuation from mortgage security valuers to help establish if the loan amount can adequately sell the property in the event of the loan being defaulted. If the loan has defaulted, the bank will need to sell the house in order to pay back the loan. Therefore, seeking out a valuation for Mortgage security is paramount in confirming the correct property price to safely provide loan approval.

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we provide independent and comprehensive valuation reports for Mortgage Security Purposes for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial property types. Furthermore, our mortgage security property valuers Melbourne are fully independent to ensure that our clients are receiving accurate and thorough advice in regard to the property.

Unlike bank valuations, which usually can come through quite conservative, we provide an accurate and independently reached property value. Our team of senior property valuers act solely within the best interests of the instructing party to ensure that the property value is based on objective research to determine the current fair market value of property. In addition to this, our team of valuers are all local to the Melbourne CBD area and are able to provide a unique perspective on the local property market for a detailed market analysis.

Mortgage Security Valuers Melbourne

When purchasing a property, it is more than likely there will be a need for finance from a lender. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro offers the service of reliable property reports that can be used to apply for finance at your financial institution. These reports can also be used to assess equity levels and refinance on an already mortgaged property.

We offer high-quality property reports coupled with fast turnaround times, competitive fees, and outstanding customer service. As a result, our property reports are highly regarded in the industry and have provided many clients with the ability to realise their ambitions of homeownership.

analysis of the property market and the property. In order to provide evidence for the established current market value of the property, our valuation reports include comprehensive details on the property. Factors that will influence the market value of the property may include:

  • Council information and zoning restrictions
  • Information of the building focussing on fixtures and fittings
  • Environmental variables that may influence value (e.g., flood-prone areas)
  • Property proximity to local districts and public transport

In addition to this, our reports will also include a detailed summary of the property, risk analysis on the property area and extensive detailing on the land and location. It will also include any notable improvements made to the property that may influence the value.

Our Melbourne Valuation Team

We have extensive knowledge of the specific niched area of mortgage security property valuations and have a specialist team of mortgage security Valuers that complete this work on a daily basis. They cover all areas of valuation including residential, commercial, and industrial. They have an all-encompassing knowledge of this area and remain up to date on market movement, recent sales, lender checklists and qualifications, and will help you to assess the funding required for your purchase. Despite our quick turnaround times and competitive fees, however, we never compromise on accuracy and quality.

Our experienced team of senior valuers all have at least 20 years of experience in the industry and are all trained and qualified through the Australian Property Institute (API). In addition to this, we ensure that our team of valuers receive up to date training to guarantee that we are maintaining a high standard of professionalism. We also have a friendly and helpful team of office staff that are always happy to help our clients with any queries concerning their valuation. We pride ourselves on the excellent services that we provide to all our clients throughout the valuation process.

Property valuations for Mortgage Security purposes are one of the riskier types of reports a property valuer can complete. We always encourage our clients to ensure that the property valuer they appoint has appropriate Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance that specifically covers mortgage security valuation work. Without this cover, the report you receive is effectively worthless.

To enquire about a mortgage security property valuation or to receive a free quote, please contact us today on (03) 9021 2007 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can fill out an online enquiry form and we will respond as soon as possible. We won’t be beaten on price or service!