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Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, a company where you can talk to the property valuer!

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro provides all manner of services to meet your property valuation needs including residential house and land property valuations, commercial and industrial, rental, compensation and acquisition, taxation, stamp duty, mediation and family law, and many more. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is a long-established company with a sterling record of quality service over the course of nearly two decades.

Established in 1997, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is an independent and highly experienced property valuation and real estate consultancy firm based in Melbourne. Our firm provides property valuation services for a range of clients, including private individuals to ASX listed companies, throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. The hallmarks of our service are professionalism, efficiency, and integrity.

Regardless of what your property valuation needs may be, Melbourne Property Valuers can suit them. When it comes to property valuers Melbourne, the city has more than its fair share, and you may be left wondering which company to employ for your specific needs. Rest assured that whether you require a property valuer for a residential or commercial property, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is available and at your service.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are also fully equipped to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to property valuation Melbourne reports or strategy advice. Have a look around our website and feel free to contact us if a particular service of ours catches your eye! No matter how complex your concerns or queries, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro will ensure you are provided excellent service at a cost-effective price.

All members of our team are Certified Practicing Valuers (CPV) and members of the Australian Property Institute (API). We provide our clients with advice and expertise on a diverse range of property transactions for a multitude of property valuation purposes. For more information, please refer to Property Valuation Services in the menu bar.

We pride ourselves on great service and advice and look forward to assisting you with your property valuation requirements. You can talk to any member of our staff by dialling (03) 9021 2007.

Alternatively, you may refer to the Key People menu bar on this website. Send us an Email for an INSTANT QUOTE in the Contact Us section above and one of our staff members will get back to you immediately. Please Contact Us for a detailed competitive quote.

Residential Property Valuation

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is happy to provide all services in relation to residential property va


Want to know the value of your commercial or industrial property? Our specialist team of senior commercial property valuers Melbourne is here to help for all of your property valuation needs.

Building Insurance Assessments

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro provides many property valuation reports for the purpose of Building Insurance to clients each week. As one of the

Unit Entitlements

The rules governing unit entitlements and how they are calculated are defined by the Strata Titles Act. This Act defines that the entitlements in a new str
Latest Testimonials
As Promised! Delivered!

I required a property valuation completed at short notice and was pleasantly surprised to find that Melbourne Property Valuers Metro could send out a property valuer immediately. The inspection itself was relatively straight forward, with the report taking one business day to complete. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the property valuer that attended and accuracy of the property valuation report. I highly recommend this company to family and friends.


Fantastic service by the property valuers at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro. I instructed them to carry out a retrospective property valuation for taxation purposes and was pleasantly surprised with the property valuation report received. I ended saving a fortune in tax that I would have had to pay without the help of property valuers Melbourne. Thanks to the team for their hard work. Will recommend your firm to family, friends and colleagues.

Accolades Well Deserved!

Based in the CBD, I ordered a property valuation Melbourne for family law court purposes. The senior property valuer that attended was extremely knowledgeable about the local area. I subsequently found out that the company only employs API qualified property valuers with at least 15 years’ experience. The property valuation report was well written and accurate. Thanks to the team at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro.

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