Melbourne Commercial Property Valuers

Want to know the value of your commercial or industrial property? Our specialist team of senior commercial property valuers Melbourne are here to help with all of your valuations needs. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro have a specialist team of commercial property valuers that can provide clients with their commercial valuation requirements.

Our commercial team of valuers have extensive experience in valuing a range of commercial properties around the Melbourne Metro area. Whether our clients are seeking a rent review or pre-purchase/pre-sale advice, our team of licensed property valuers are dedicated to assisting our clients with any requirements for their commercial property.

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we understand the importance of seeking an accurate and transparent valuation report. That’s why, as an independent valuation company, we utilise our benchmark principles of accuracy, honesty and integrity with every valuation. As one of Melbourne’s leading valuation companies, we provide our clients with a range of services, including:

  • Stamp Duty or Related Party Transfer – from one entity (person, company, or SMSF) to another in either whole ownership or partial
  • Pre-sale or Pre-purchase advice
  • Taxation – for the correct calculation of any capital gains tax liability
  • Rent Review or Rental Determination property valuations
  • Mediation/Family Law Court property valuations

Commercial Property Valuers Melbourne

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro seeks client satisfaction and excellence with every valuation report. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond for our clients by seeking out the most experienced and qualified independent property valuers. We’ve made sure that our valuers are all members of the Australian Property Institute (API). Furthermore, we ensure that each valuer receives adequate training and certification from the API in regard to ongoing updates in regard to policies, procedures, standards and ethical conduct.

Our commercial property valuers provide our clients with expert advice across any commercial valuation enquiry. We have been in the commercial valuation industry for a long time and have worked hard to ensure that our clients remain our number one priority in regard to providing them with the best service. As an independent and full-service valuation company, we pride ourselves on the following:

  • Upholding our core principles of accuracy, honesty and integrity.
  • Providing our clients with the best API qualified commercial valuers.
  • Each of our team of commercial valuers has at least 20 years of experience in the industry.
  • We have a dedicated office team that is always available for our clients across all valuation enquiries.

Having been trained members with the API, our team of valuers all follow the guidelines and standards set out by the API to ensure that all proper practices and procedures are being met. In saying this, our clients are given the assurance that they are receiving the best service and quality reports from an industry professional.

Get an expert Commercial Valuation

Seeking a valuation for a commercial property is an extensive process. That’s why we guarantee our clients a certified, independent commercial valuer that understands the commercial market and your commercial property. Our commercial valuation reports include a range of variables that can affect the value of the property. Although our valuation reports can differ depending on the purpose of the valuation, our commercial valuation reports can include the following:

  • Land details of the site
  • Any town planning information
  • The building details, including any finishes and any notable improvements
  • A detailed market commentary
  • Current market value

Our valuation reports are comprehensively structured to provide our clients with objective data detailing the value of the specified property. One of our most common enquiries is commercial rent reviews which can be a requirement in most commercial leases. In this case, our valuers will give a detailed rent review that identifies the true and current rental value within the market.

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is one of the leading firms in the Melbourne metropolitan area and we have a dedicated team of commercial property valuers who endeavour daily to provide our clients with high-quality property reports and advice, as well as maintaining our exceptional level of service and competitive prices.

All of our commercial property valuers have over 20 years of experience in the industry and are some of the most highly regarded experts in the field, so you can be assured that the product you will receive is steeped in their vast knowledge of the Melbourne commercial and industrial markets.

Our property valuers operate all over the Melbourne metro area and no property or request is too big or small. If you require a commercial valuation or commercial rent review, seek out a free quote, contact us today on (03) 9021 2007 or fill out an online enquiry form. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you with any enquiry you may have. We won’t be beaten on price or service!