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Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is a full-service valuation company. We can offer our clients our full range of property valuation services across all types of property, from rural to metro and residential to commercial. So, if you are in need of a property valuation Melbourne, we have the perfect team of experts for you.

Each member of our property valuations team is fully licensed and accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API). The Institute is Australia’s leading governing body for all valuations, they require each of their members to hold themselves to the highest possible standard when completing each property valuation. Thanks to these standards we can guarantee each of our clients an exceptional valuation report that is sure to assist them.

We take pride in the fact that we have been able to help thousands of past clients move closer to their property valuations Melbourne goal. Each of our experts is dedicated to getting our clients the valuations they need in as timely a manner as possible.

We know that the range of property valuations can be intimidating. In order to make this process as easy as possible we have included a list of our valuation services below, please read over them to see how we can help you best with your valuation. Each of the listed items below is linked to a full description of the subject service, if you still have any questions, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help.

Our Property Valuation Services Include:

Asset Register Valuation

Our experts are able to do more than just a property valuation, we are able to calculate a value for a business’s assets. These items, usually found on an asset register, are valued using comprehensive market data by one of our certified experts.

While also based on market research these valuations have several differences to those performed on property. Rather than valuing a single asset, our expert will need to complete several calculations on several different items. The report produced is also different as it will include the asset register and several values.

Building Replacement Insurance Valuation

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is able to provide expertly formatted reports for our clients that require a building replacement insurance property valuation. These reports include all the information that an insurance provider would require before issuing a policy on a building. Only a valuation team with the experience of ours is able to complete the research and detailed calculations that an insurer needs.

Most clients that require a valuation of this type are acting on behave of a strata property, any building that is a part of a strata agreement must, by law, have this form of insurance. Our experts know exactly what needs to be considered in these special types of valuations so that all parties, strata and insurer, can be satisfied.

Capital Gains Tax Valuation

Capital Gains Tax or CGT must be paid on all profit made when any asset, including property, is sold. Clients often reach out to us after selling their property to help them calculate exactly how much they owe the ATO and we have been able to help thousands of them.

Our Capital Gains Tax valuations can be performed on any type of property and to any necessary date in the past. Our experts will look at market information for the time as well as the subject property and, after collecting enough data, they will then calculate an accurate value. Our experts have been able to save our clients thousands in CGT with a property valuation in the past and are ready to help you do the same save.

Compensation Valuation Report

Any clients whose property is negatively affected by an outside source would benefit from a compensation valuation. These valuations look at a property’s value both as it currently exists and how this value is likely to be affected by any range of possible sources.

Any property that is affected by compulsory acquisition, in part or whole, must have its value calculated to ensure that the right amount of compensation is paid. The government or other entity might approach a property’s owner with their own property valuation but only one coming from an unbiased source like Melbourne Property Valuers Metro should be relied on.

Family Law Property Valuation

These valuations are cared out when a property is to be affected by a division of assets. The most common reason our clients require a valuation of this type is when they are going through a divorce. These clients need an accurate value of a subject property that they can trust to be objectively calculated.

Our experts understand this fact perfectly and always conduct their valuations in a transparent way and base all their calculations solely on objective market data. We provide two types of valuation reports for family law purposes, the short and long form, depending on if the former couple has elected to go before the court or mediation.

House Valuation

House valuations are our specialty at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro. Our team knows more about this city and its housing market than any other property valuation group in the state. We have helped countless clients find an accurate value for their houses for many different reasons in the past.

The professionals at Melbourne Property Valeus Metro are experts in their areas of the state. They are able to quickly perform the research and calculations needed to ascertain the value of any subject house, for any valuation purpose. From CGT determination to pre-sale advice, we are Melbourne’s experts.

Internal Accounting Valuation

Some clients require a property valuation for their own internal accounting. Many businesses that own property, especially those that own many, need to have an accurate value for each to ensure that they have a comprehensive view of their assets. Having this information can provide a range of benefits including providing a more complete picture of the business’s over all position.

In these cases, our team will perform a current fair market valuation so that our clients can have the most up to date view of their position possible. As with all our valuations, our experts will look at the most recent market data to find an accurate value.

Litigation Valuation

Properties can often be the focus of legal proceedings. In cases such as these, valuation reports must be completed to a higher level of detail and specifically formatted. While all property valuations undertaken by Melbourne Property Valuers Metro are treated with the upmost care and due diligence, legal proceeding valuations are special cases.

For these valuations we provide a long form. This type of report is longer than our regular form and while it might show the same end value, it will include far more background information on the process as well as specific examples of comparative sales.

Market Rent Valuation

Unlike the majority of valuations that look to calculate a properties sale’s value, a rental review looks to determine the market value of a property’s rent. A property valuation of this type can be complete for either tenants or property owners. They are an indispensable tool for anyone looking to negotiate a rental agreement.

Most commercial property tenants will have a rental review process built into their contract. In this case, after an established amount of time has elapsed a certified expert will conduct research on the current rental market and recommend any updates to the rent charged based on their findings.

Pre Purchase/Pre Sale Valuation

Clients looking to buy or sell property often look to us to perform a comprehensive valuation. These valuations will uncover a subject property’s current fair market value in order to place our client in a better negotiating position.

Having a thoroughly researched property valuation report allows our clients to negotiate a selling or buying price that is based on objective data. There is no better tool when for any potential home purchase or seller than a property valuation from Melbourne Property Valuers Metro.

Probate Property Valuation

All properties that are a part of a deceased estate must be valued. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro have worked with many executors of wills during the probate process to calculate accurate values for a range of different properties. This process will produce a valuation report that is unique to each affected property rather than one inclusive of all.

Due to our expert’s wide ranging experience in the valuation field we are able to value a diverse group of properties that might be affected by a will. Each property is valued by an expert in the field to ensure that our clients receive an accurate value.

Property Settlement Valuation

Most commonly these valuations involve parties that share some percentage of ownership over a subject property. Quite often these will be business partners looking to change their current investment relationship. In these cases, the value of the property must be correct to ensure that any buyout reached is based on objective data.

For property valuations of this type, our experts will conduct in depth research on the local property market to form a value that both partners can agree on as being unbiased and above all accurate. Valuation reports of this type can be used to end a business relationship on an even footing.

Property Valuation for Tax Purposes

Many of the most common taxes require a property to be accurately valued. Whether it’s stamp duty or capital gains tax the only way to be sure you are paying the right amount is to have your property professionally valued.

These a property valuation of this type can be both current fair market or retrospective and can be applied to either residential or commercial properties. Our experts have been able to save our previous clients thousands of dollars and know exactly how to format a report to the standers required by the Australian Taxation Office.

Related Party Transfer Valuation

With the rise of prices across the property market many first homeowners are being giving a helping hand from family members. More and more of our clients moving into home that have been transfer to their name from a close family member. It is important to note that even in cases where money has changed had, a valuation is required to calculate stamp duty.

In these cases, our experts will perform a current market valuation or retrospective valuation to ascertain the property’s value on the open market. This value can then be used to correctly calculate the amount of stamp duty the new owner needs to pay.

Retrospective Property Valuation

These valuations can be considered as operating in much the same way as a current fair market valuation the only important difference between them being the date in the market our team is looking at. Comprehensive market research is still necessary but rather than looking at the most recent data our experts will look at the market as it was at a specified date in the past.

This form is often used in conjunction with a current fair market valuation in order show a difference in value for tax purposes, though this is far from the only reason our clients require a retrospective market valuation. Many specific valuations can be competed as either retrospective or current fair market.

Separation/De Facto Valuation

Property affected by a separation or end of a de facto relationship need to be valued. The process of dividing assets is always a stressful one but can be made all the more stressful when the two parties cannot agree on each asset’s value.

Our experts act as disinterested agents in the property valuation process, they do not hold a bias favouring either party. Instead, they look at the property itself and the objective sales information to calculate an accurate value that can form the basis of any fair allocation of assets.

Stamp Duty Valuation

Any property that is transferred between two parties will incur stamp duty tax. This tax is based on the current fair market value of the property and is easy to calculate when a property has been sold at arm’s length on the market.

In many cases however a property will be transferred to a family member or other relation. In these cases, a property is not considered to have been sold at arm’s length, but stamp duty is still required to be paid. Only an expert with the experience of our team is able to calculate an accurate value with a property valuation that could you save thousands on tax.

Strata Insurance Valuation

One of the many requirements of managing a Strata scheme is securing sufficient insurance for Strata Building Replacement Costs. This insurance must cover the cost for a complete reconstruction of the entire strata property and as such requires a full property valuation.

These valuations require a report that shows not only the value of the subject property but also any potential cost related to sight clearing or any other operation relating to possible rebuilding. Our experienced experts are able to produce a valuation report specially formulated to meet the expectations of insurance groups to give our clients the best possible outcomes.

Superannuation Fund Valuation

Many of our clients control their own superannuation through an SMSF (Self managed superannuation fund). Any property that is owned, in part or in whole, by an SMSF needs to be professionally valued and correctly reported to the Australian Taxation Office. Only an experienced expert is able to not only complete all the necessary research but also format a property valuation report that conformed to the ATOs standards.

We have helped countless past clients through this process. Our experts know precisely what needs to be researched and how this research needs to presented to ensure that the ATO is sufficiently satisfied.

Unit Entitlement Valuation

All properties under a strata scheme are subject to unit entitlement. This entitlement dictates what each property needs to pay toward the scheme as well as the owners voting rights. A unit’s entitlement is usually calculated either before construction or before the subject properties are sold.

Many clients request a property valuation of this kind to reevaluate their unit entitlement after they have moved in. They may feel that the original valuation was not completed satisfactorily or that the property has changed in some way from that time. In these cases, our experts will not only need to find the value of the subject property but of the larger strata scheme as well.

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