Melbourne Building Replacement Insurance Valuations

Building Insurance assessments are a requirement in all full building replacement insurance policy to ensure that the building value is always kept up to date and are often required for strata reports. Seeking out a building replacement cost assessment requires a certified valuer to make an assessment of the building concerning its value and cost to replace. Our insurance valuation reports are then provided to the insurance company to calculate the correct premium to be paid on the building. We can provide three types of valuation for this purpose:

  • Residential property valuation
  • Retail property valuation
  • Industrial property valuation

In saying this, it’s essential for the insurance company to be aware of the correct value of the property to ensure that the building’s strata and body corporate are not overpaying for their policy. Seeking out an independent full building replacement insurance valuation Melbourne will ensure that the value of replacing the property is adequately researched in accordance with the current market and replacement costs guidelines.

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is one of Melbourne’s leading valuation companies and are devoted to providing each client with a professionally detailed report. Our clients reach out to us time and time again because of our efforts to go above and beyond for our clients. We do this by providing our clients with the most sought after and experienced property valuers, ensuring our clients are always taken care of and producing a quality report. Online building replacement cost calculators do exist but only a professional can get the right value.

Expert Building Insurance Property Valuation Reports

Our clients seek out our valuations for full building replacement insurance because we offer a comprehensive and detailed report for your insurance policy cover. Our reports for Building Replacement cost assessment can include the following:

  • Information concerning the building and any notable improvements made to it.
  • Construction information.
  • Any land or site details.
  • A summary of the total costs concerning the demolition, replacements and any associated fees that are contingent with its construction.

In addition to this, our reports are based on market evidence and replacement cost guidelines to maintain complete transparency. As an independent and full-service valuation company, we set in place and maintain all measures to remain independent and bias-free. With that being said, we do not affiliate with any other establishment in order to reach a particular replacement value. The research we complete is based on independent information gathering and reliable data to ensure an accurate replacement cost value for our client.

We provide our clients with Building Replacement cost assessments every week and pride ourselves on being one of the leading insurance valuation companies in the Melbourne Metro area. Our reports are highly regarded by insurance companies and we endeavour to provide the most accurate assessment to ensure our clients are getting the right full building replacement insurance.

Building Replacement Insurance Valuations Melbourne

Our reports for Building Replacement cost insurance are researched and produced by our expert team of property valuers. A report for full building replacement insurance cost can be used for all kinds of properties including single residential, strata properties, industrial, commercial, and retail, as well as any specialised, purpose-built properties. Whatever the property type or size, our team of highly skilled property valuers will be able to reach a correct replacement value to ensure the correct insurance coverage.

Our team of specialised property valuers have spent years in the insurance valuation industry and are thoroughly trained to perform a replacement cost report for our clients. Each of our valuers are not only registered valuers that meet the requirement of producing a replacement costs report, but each is a member of the Australian Property Institute (API). This means that our valuers are bound to meet API standards, guidelines and abide by its Code of Ethics to ensure that all reports meet these requirements.

Our property valuers in Melbourne have over 20 years of experience each as a minimum and we are proud to say we never compromise on service when it comes to any property valuation, whether big or small. We always go above and beyond to ensure our clients are provided with not only the highest quality property valuation reports, but also enjoy exceptional levels of service provided at competitive rates.

We also pride ourselves on fast turnaround for service. We understand that reports are needed quite urgently to meet certain deadlines and need to adhere to tight deadlines. We provide our property insurance valuation reports within 2-3 business days of inspection, and our property valuers only need one or two days’ notice to inspect.

Stop paying too much and over-insuring your property and get a registered property valuer’s Building Replacement Insurance assessment today. This can also help you avoid situations where you are under-insured, which could mean you would be exposed to a large difference to pay to replace the property should anything happen to it.

Contact us today for a free quote on (03) 9021 2007 or fill out an online enquiry form. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with any query you may have, and we are always here to help. We won’t be beaten on price or service!