Melbourne Superannuation Fund Valuations

If you need a Superannuation Fund valuation in Melbourne, we have the perfect team of valuers for you. At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we are dedicated to our clients and calculating accurate values for their property. We have a large range of services, including purposes as varied as pre-purchase advice to a deceased estate valuation, but one of our more specialised services is our Superannuation Fund valuations.

Our clients request an SMSF property valuation so that they can report property they have invested in, through their Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), to the Australian Tax Office. More Australians than ever are looking to handle their retirement themselves rather than trust a Super Fund with their hard-earned money. While perfectly legal, running an SMSF requires meticulous reporting of investments to the ATO. A Superannuation property valuation from Melbourne Property Valuers Metro will not only find the right value of any subject property but will also produce a property report that is specifically formatted to meet the standards of the ATO.

Each member of our team of experts has years of experience and assisted many clients with their SMSF property valuation. From commercial properties to residential and even industrial, our experts have been able to complete all the relevant research required to produce a final value that you can trust and, just as importantly, satisfies the government’s requirements. While we can also provide an internal accounting valuation, our clients’ Superannuation property valuation is tailored to the ATOs set standards and as such requires a detailed property report.

Superannuation Fund Valuations Melbourne

We are Melbourne’s property valuation professionals. Each of our experts has been fully certified by the Australian Property Institute, leaders in the governing of industry standards. As a member of the API, all of our valuers must complete each valuation to the highest possible standard of accuracy and transparency. Our reports, including our SMSF reports, will include information on similar properties as well as detail the subject property’s relevant characteristics. Our experts will include how they were able to calculate the value of our client’s investment property, being sure to include all information that the ATO would expect from a Superannuation property valuation.

It is not only official accreditations that give us confidence in each member of our team. All of our property professionals have more than 20 years of experience in providing clients with exceptional property valuations. Before we can trust a valuer to work with our clients, they must be able to show us more than two decades worth of previously completed property reports. We know that each SMSF property valuation that comes from Melbourne Property Valuers Metro will satisfy our clients’ needs as we have seen each of our experts do it before.

If you need a property valued for your SMSF or have any questions about what exactly the ATO expects from those that run their own Super Fund and tax reporting, give us a call at (03) 9021 2007 or fill out the Contact Us form that can be found below.