Melbourne Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Valuations

Seeking out a property valuation for purchasing a new property or selling your home is essential in determining its accurate and current market value. Enquires for pre-purchase/pre-sale property valuations Melbourne means that our clients will reach out to utilise our services either to:

  • Seek to determine the current market value for potential buyers before entering a contract of sale, before putting in an offer, or bidding at auction.
  • Seek to determine the current market value for sellers before putting it on the market to help set an appropriate and fair selling price.

Whether our clients utilise our services for pre-purchase or pre-sale advice, we will always act within the best interests of the instructing party and provide an accurate pre-purchase/pre-sale property valuation.

If you have been considering selling a property or are in the market to purchase, the first step in due diligence is to seek out an unbiased professional property valuation report. This can greatly benefit the process as it can safeguard you against selling your asset below market value or paying too much for a property and wasting money. We play a large role for this purpose and always provide fair, equitable, and independent property valuations to assist our clients with their financial decisions, we can even assist with a market rent valuation.

Pre Purchase/Pre Sale Valuations Melbourne

When seeking a property valuation for pre-purchase or pre-sale advice, it’s important to get a comprehensive and realistic perspective on where the property sits within the market. Because of this, we ensure that our valuation reports give a detailed summary of the property and any variables that may influence its current market value. Although there are free services online that indicate an expected value for the property in question, these are not accurate or specific to the property, and reliance on this information is highly discouraged to make important financial decisions. Our experience, expertise, and a high degree of professionalism is evident in all of our property valuation work and allows our clients peace of mind when entering into these transactions.

These property valuation reports are based on facts: that is, everything about the property is taken into consideration when assessing the fair market value. Such identifiers include:

  • Location
  • Size of land and living areas
  • Fixtures and features of the property
  • Market movement
  • Proximity to amenities

From here, the property is scaled against 5-7 comparable sales from recent months and around the area to produce the market value of the property. At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we pride ourselves on being a completely independent valuation company. This means that our advice, reports and services remain completely independent and offer a professionally detailed summary of the property without any influence or agenda from a third party. Because of this, we have proudly been able to maintain our independence and can guarantee our clients with the very best service and an accurate valuation report.

If you’re considering selling your home or are looking to buy, it’s essential that you have an independent valuation report that reflects the correct value of the property. Understanding the correct property value can end up saving you thousands on over-paying for the property. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell, you want to make sure that you’re asking for a fair price to avoid a lack of enquiry. In turn, a property valuation can ensure that all parties involved are receiving a transparent and fair value of the property.

Our Team of Melbourne Property Valuers

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality service, experience and a detailed report completed by an industry professional. We have a dedicated team of senior property valuers that are committed to going above and beyond for each client. In saying this, some of the reasons why we have held such a stellar reputation in the Melbourne area include:

  • Each valuer has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is professionally trained and registered with the Australian Property Institute (API).
  • Each valuer is a member of the API, meaning they are bound to the professional standards and Code of Ethics as set out by the API.
  • Our clients are our priority, and we adhere to our professional principles of accuracy, honesty, and integrity with all valuation reports.
  • We are a full service and independent valuation company that is experienced in all valuations across residential, commercial and industrial property types.

We encourage vendors to always get a certified property valuation by a registered property valuer prior to selling. This is to ensure you always get the appropriate advice from real estate agents and weed out the agents that just want your listing. Please do not hesitate to contact us and speak with a team of property valuers based in Melbourne, we are more than happy to help and provide unbiased advice. Alternatively, you can find more information from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria here.

To receive a free quote, call us today on (03) 9021 2007 or fill out an online enquiry form. One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist with any enquiry. We won’t be beaten on price or service!