Melbourne Internal Accounting Valuation Services

When our clients request a property valuation, it means that it is for their own purpose and uses rather than a tax requirement. Seeking an internal accounting valuation is necessary to truly understand your current financial position and can often form a part of a Superannuation Fund valuation. From this, an internal accounting valuation can be used to assist with the planning of your next financial and property-related decision.

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro has a team of expert senior valuers that are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best service and a quality report for all purposes. Because an internal accounting valuation is crucial in the planning and execution of future property-related decisions, we endeavour to prepare a thorough report with an accurate current fair value.

There are a number of reasons why our clients seek out an internal accounting property valuation Melbourne, including:

  • To weigh up their current financial position.
  • To investigate whether it is viable to sell, access equity and refinance, or hold the property and rent and assess potential Capital Gains Tax prior to decision making.
  • For their own personal interest.
  • To gather information and understanding in regard to an asset register valuation.

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we have a committed team of senior valuers that are all exclusively trained and certified with the Australian Property Institute (API) in the 5 methods of property valuation. The API is an industry-leading Institute that represents a strong benchmark of the conduct, education and practice of industry professionals. All of our valuers are bound to maintain the quality standards and Code of Ethics as set out by the API when determining accurate, fair values. From this, our clients are given the reassurance that they will not only get a quality report but also a dedicated valuer that will work within the best interests of the clients without hidden bias or agenda.

In addition to this, our team of senior valuers all have over 20 years of experience within the industry, calculating fair values. This means that our clients are getting local, knowledgeable valuers with extensive expertise in valuations across residential, commercial and industrial property types. We also implement a quality assurance program within our team to ensure that we maintain the utmost professionalism. With this being said, our valuers undertake regular training to ensure that their knowledge of standards and procedures are always current and up to date.

Internal Accounting Valuations Melbourne

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is one of the leading firms in the independent property valuations industry servicing Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan area. We cover all areas of property valuation for all property types including residential, commercial, and industrial.

Valuations for Internal Accounting purposes are often sought out for the preparation of future decision planning regarding their property. Our clients seek our services because we provide comprehensive valuation reports to give our clients an all-encompassing perspective of where a property sits in the current market. All of our valuation reports are professionally detailed with a range of essential information that can be used to guide financial decision making. Some examples of these include:

  • A detailed property summary.
  • Zoning restrictions.
  • A risk analysis of the environment and local area.
  • Details concerning the land and the property’s location to local neighbourhoods and public transport.
  • Local comparable sales.
  • Any heritage listing information if applicable.
  • The property’s fair value.

We know the importance of understanding the true fair value of your property. That’s why our team is bound by our guiding principles of accuracy, honesty and integrity for each and every enquiry. We are committed to producing a comprehensive valuation report to give a unique perspective on where a property sits within the market.

Internal accounting valuations rely on an accurate and specific value to assist with financial and property-related decision making. At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we pride ourselves on being an independent, full-service valuation company. We operate with complete transparency throughout the valuation process and act solely within the interests of the instructing party. This means that we are not influenced by any third party establishments such as banks or real estate agents to ensure that our clients are getting an independently reached value.

We can guarantee the highest quality property valuation Melbourne report as, at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we only employ certified practising valuers qualified by the Australian Property Institute (API) with a minimum of 20 years of qualified experience each. This guarantees our clients receive the best service from a local expert that is trusted to complete an independent and comprehensive report reflecting their current market property valuation.

If you require an internal accounting valuation report, reach out to the leading full-service valuation company in Melbourne. To speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives or to receive a free quote, contact us today on (03) 9021 2007. Alternatively, you can fill out an online enquiry form and we will respond as soon as possible. We won’t be beaten on price or service!