Melbourne Compensation Valuation Report Services

A property valuation for compensation purposes is reserved for property owners that are owed compensation for changes in the property zoning, encroachments or compulsory acquisition. This can mean changes in the portioning of any boundaries, easements, right of ways, obstruction of views, land acquisition and a variety of other injustices that may have affected the value of the property. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro are experts in researching and producing comprehensive compensation property valuation reports Melbourne for our clients.

But what is compensation valuation? Our expert senior valuers are specialised in the distinctions of compensation valuation reports and can provide a thorough valuation outlining the determined value of the specific area that is being impacted by the compulsory land acquisition that is involved. With that being said, we will also take into account any future considerations that this might have on the property. In some cases, a property may be acquired by the state government, known as compulsory acquisition and the overall land value needs to be determined, alternatively, any additional compensation may also be determined. In any case, we have an experienced team of senior property valuers that have extensive experience to help our clients in any way we can to reach an accurate property value with a residential property valuation or a commercial one.

We understand that seeking a property valuation for compulsory acquisition can be a stressful time for our clients. We aim to do everything that we are able, to act within our clients best interests while determining a house valuation. At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we pride ourselves on being one of the most highly regarded property valuation firms in Melbourne that operates throughout the metropolitan area. When it comes to compensation for land acquisition that you are owed for your property or damage to it, it is important to seek out high-quality professional advice in order to ensure your claim is as substantial and based on objective evidence. Our reports are professionally detailed, including a summary of the property, its surrounding area, council zoning restrictions and comparable sales. A compensation valuation report is researched, prepared and checked by an experienced certified valuer to ensure our clients are receiving the very best service.

In addition to this, our clients will also receive an API qualified property valuer with over 20 years of experience. A compensation valuation report needs to be completely transparent so it’s important to seek out a leading valuation company with a team of specialised valuers who are local to the Melbourne area. Furthermore, we can ensure that your valuer will be experienced with the requirements of a compensation process and be committed to working towards our clients receiving the remuneration that is deserved for their compulsory acquisition.

If you require any additional information about property compensation claims, you can visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website here for an in-depth breakdown of what qualifies.

Compensation Valuation Reports Melbourne

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro can provide you with a detailed compensation property valuation to assist in your case and highlight the level of compensation owed for a particular land acquisition situation. Our specialised compensation property valuers have extensive experience and have accomplished fantastic results for our clients.

Compensation property valuations encompass more than just the market value of the property. They also work on a de-value basis to the property (especially in cases where only a portion of the property is acquired) as well as factoring in an inconvenience and marketability factor. These property valuation Melbourne reports are used in cases such as changes of road boundaries or infrastructure installation, when construction of your property has not been upheld according to the agreed plans, on the encroachment of a boundary from a neighbouring property, and for the de-value to your property following damage.

Because of this, we ensure that our local senior valuers are all trained and registered with the Australian Property Institute and have at least 20 years of experience. Our specialised team of senior valuers have the expertise in the compensation process for compulsory acquisition to ensure our clients are getting the very best service.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with excellent service and quality land acquisition valuation reports. We are dedicated to maintaining our stellar reputation based on our guiding principles based on accuracy, honesty and integrity and we also are passionate when it comes to the following:

  • We have our team of highly trained Australian Property Institute (API) property valuers with over 20 years of experience each.
  • We keep up to date on the changing laws, regulations, standards and procedures pertaining to compensation property valuations.
  • Many of these property valuations are tightly time-bound and we expedite the reports within these constraints and can work within deadlines as specified.
  • We can provide evidence in further reconciliation on behalf of our client.
  • Our reports are of the highest standards and accuracy.
  • We never compromise on the quality of service and affordability of fees.

For more information and to seek out a tailored quote for a compensation valuation that suits your specific requirement, reach out to our team on (03) 9021 2007 to have a chat about your property valuation report requirements. Alternatively, you can fill out an online enquiry form. We won’t be beaten on price or service!