Melbourne Certified Property Valuers

Each of the property experts working at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is fully certified to calculate the value of any property. All of them have undergone rigorous training and education in order to be properly classified as certified property valuers.

You might be wondering what the difference between a certified valuer and an uncertified valuer is. To put it simply certified property valuers Melbourne are not only more trustworthy but are also required for most valuation purposes. Only someone that has been properly certified can be trusted to produce a report for the following purposes:

  • Capital Gains Tax determination
  • Stamp Duty calculation
  • Superannuation Fund
  • Insurance Purposes
  • Litigation or Court Matters
  • Mortgage Security

While these might be the most common purposes only a certified expert will have the training and resources necessary to find an accurate value of any property for any purpose. Other terms associated with certified valuers are:

  • Accredited property valuers
  • Sworn property valuers
  • Registered property valuers
  • Licensed property valuers

The Path to Being Certified

In order to be considered a certified practising valuer one must first complete a full university degree in an industry field. This is only the first step in acquiring a certification from the Australian Property Institute (API), a potential valuer must then also complete a further two-year internship with an already established expert before finally being admitted as a member of the API.

Being certified is not the end however if a valuer at any point violates the rules and regulations of the API, they could be forced to forfeit their certified status. Membership in the Institute must be constantly maintained by providing detailed and accurate reports that fit the high standards of the API strives to enforce.

All this means that when you choose an expert like the ones at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, you are getting the best report possible.

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