The top 5 Pros of Owning a House: What it Means to Be Rid of Rent

By John Anderson

Home Valuation Melbourne

If you are tired of living under the thumb of your landlord, then it may be time to buy a house. When you own property, there is no one else that can tell you what to do with it-it’s all up to you! Here are five reasons why buying a house will change your life for the better.

Number 1. You can make your own decorating decisions. When you rent a house or apartment, every single decision about the décor is out of your hands. If you want to paint a wall blue and hang up some posters, it will cost extra money that might not be in your budget. With owning a home, though, you get to do whatever makes sense for the space. This means no more arguing with landlords!

Number 2. Your neighbours won’t control what appliances are in use where you live either! Instead of being forced to only have one dishwasher running at once if both units are sharing an appliance area, there’s nothing stopping you from putting on another load while someone else runs their own dishwasher in their space.

Number 3. You can make home improvements whenever you want! If there’s something wrong with the roof or plumbing, for example, it’s up to you if and when these issues are repaired. When a landlord askes for rent on an apartment or house that isn’t in great shape due to lack of funds from previous tenants, they have no motivation to use their own money to fix major problems since someone else will be taking over soon enough. But when you’re the one paying all of the bills every month yourself because YOU bought this property, then it becomes YOUR job to keep things running smoothly.

Number 4. Your tax bill won’t change each year like rent does; instead, you’ll actually get to save money! When your landlord raises the rent every year, it’s only natural for them to expect more of a return on their investment. What if they’re charging $400 per month now but want to raise it up by $20 each year until they hit $500? That means that next January, you will be paying an extra $100 dollars per month towards what is essentially nothing-that doesn’t even cover inflation or cost of living increases (which are also coming down the line), never mind making improvements like new furniture or appliances. But when YOU own this property instead and can make decisions about its upkeep all by yourself, you won’t have someone else making these decisions for you.

Number 5. You can move if and when you want to! What happens when your landlord tells you that the rent is going up in six months, or they’re selling off this property because it’s too much work for them to maintain themselves any longer? That means packing up all of your belongings once again and signing a new lease elsewhere; since most people don’t like change, odds are good that they’ll just stick around until their contract runs out and then start looking into other options instead. With owning a home, though? If there comes a time when living somewhere else will better suit your needs, it’s as simple as putting the house on the market to sell so someone else can take over while YOU go find something more ideal for yourself!