Melbourne Separation/De Facto Valuation Services

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we understand that the separation stages of marriage or a de-facto relationship is an incredibly stressful and distressing time. It is recommended to obtain a separation/de facto property valuation Melbourne, in order to distinguish an equitable division of assets.

Seeking out a separation/de facto valuation is important to assess assets on a basis that will seek out an accurate and transparent valuation free from any agenda or wilful bias. Separation is an emotionally charged time for both parties and can be quite complex depending on the number or size of property assets. With that being said, as a full service, independent valuation company, we can provide property valuation for separation reports for all residential, commercial and industrial property types. We can also cater for development sites and plant & equipment enquiries.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence and quality across all of our services. With that being said, we always strive to ensure that you receive the best service throughout the enquiry when booking a property valuation for a divorce settlement. We have a fully trained office team to help assist with any questions, concerns or queries to make sure that our clients are receiving the best we have to offer. In addition to this, our team of senior property valuers all have at least 20 years of experience in the industry, performing property valuation for separation. This means that each of our experts is specialized in all litigation property valuation purposes and can provide accurate house valuation for property settlement advice based on a thorough, local knowledge of the Melbourne area.

It’s important to seek out an independent valuer to ensure that a fair and equitable division of assets is reached. We provide our clients with a comprehensive report with all property settlement valuations that looks into a spectrum of factors that can help determine the true value of the property. Some of these examples can include:

  • Local comparable sales in your surrounding area.
  • Condition of the property in its current state, focusing on fixtures and fittings.
  • Location of property and its proximity to local amenities and public transport.
  • Any zoning areas or restrictions as guided by the council.

We always strive for excellence and continue to maintain our reputation based on reliability and trust with our clients. In addition to this, we can provide our clients with two options for reports to cater for the stage of separation you are in. These include:

  • A short-form report – this is reserved for parties that are seeking to settle in mediation.
  • A long-form report – a more thorough report that is reserved for court proceedings in the case an agreed division of assets is not settled upon in mediation.

Separation/De Facto Valuations Melbourne

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we have been in the property valuation for separation industry for a long time, which has allowed us to understand the complexities and intricacies of many property transactions. When it comes to property valuations for separation, we also understand the added stress our clients must be under in this tumultuous time. Our advice and support can go a long way in making these sensitive and often emotive transactions as smooth as possible.

A property valuation for separation report from a registered property valuer is a legal document that assesses the true and current fair market value of the asset, without the bias that an agent or related party might have. It is important during a separation that the fair market value of the asset is obtained to avoid disputes that can prolong the settlement and end up costing both parties’ additional legal fees.

We complete each property valuation for court purposes independently with the help of a team of professional, senior property valuers who approach the property valuation without any kind of conflict of interest. Our main goal with any kind of separation matter is to help assist in reaching an accurate and fair value that can be agreed upon. If necessary, our valuers can also perform as expert witnesses in court to give an objective statement backing their house valuations for separation.

Our family law property valuation reports are highly regarded in the industry and are comprehensive, honest, and accurate. We also never compromise on our high level of service and adherence to statutory requirements and ensure that each report is completely transparent for a fair outcome.

It is not necessary for both parties of the dispute, to be at the property when one of our property valuers in Melbourne carries out their inspection, as we always act without any conflict of interest and cannot be persuaded to adopt a higher or lower value when performing a property valuation for separation. However, we are happy for as many clients or representatives of clients to be present.

Should you wish to discuss your property valuation in Melbourne requirements, or for a free, tailored quote, call us today on (03) 9021 2007 or fill out the online enquiry form below, and one of our staff will be of assistance as soon as possible.