Melbourne Property Settlement Valuation Services

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we are dedicated to giving our clients the best service and quality product. We understand that seeking out a property settlement valuation can be a stressful and emotional time so we ensure a smooth and hassle-free process throughout the process.

Seeking out an independent property valuation for separation will help assist each party in reaching a fair and equitable division of assets. Furthermore, as a full-service valuation company, we provide our clients with two options depending on whether or not the divorce settlement will be reaching the courts or not. With this being said, our clients are able to choose a report that can either be used for mediation purposes, or a Long Form report that is exclusively used for litigation and court purposes.

When it comes to property settlement valuations in Melbourne, we know the delicate nature that comes with reaching a fair division of assets. In cases involving a divorce settlement, it’s important to seek out an independent valuation company that you can trust. Seeking out a family law property valuation for property settlement is a matter that needs to be handled with due diligence, care and compassion to ensure that no extra stress or grief will fall onto our clients during this strenuous time.

In light of this, our property valuers offer independent, ethical and accurate services in a friendly and informative way to assist in producing as smooth a transaction as possible. We do this by offering a comprehensive valuation report that adheres to the API standards and guidelines for court purposes with all our property settlement valuations.

We always strive for excellence across all of our interactions and services that we provide our clients, including valuations for a divorce settlement. Furthermore, we uphold our strong reputation by ensuring that that we adhere to a set of high standards and benchmarks. We proactively achieve this through the following:

  • We provide all clients correct and factual property valuation reports.
  • We are bound by ethical and legal frameworks to ensure objectivity and we will not compromise our position on this.
  • We are an impartial and independent organisation and only rely on facts rather than on ambiguity, estimations and opinions.
  • We will not be coaxed or cajoled into bias and remain completely agenda-free.
  • Our settlement property valuations are relied on by hundreds of solicitors across Melbourne and Australia.
  • Our aim is to provide fair and equitable advice to achieve a quick and agreeable divorce settlement.
  • The State Revenue Office holds our reports in high regard and has never objected to the submission of our reports for the separation or addition to titles.
  • While we endeavour to give the utmost care and attention to our property valuation reports, we also understand demanding timelines and are confident we effectively balance the two.

Our property settlement valuations are always independent. Seeking out an independent valuation report for property settlement is the best way to ensure that a fair and equitable division of assets is reached. It is crucial that both parties can actively agree to the value of a property without the worry of reaching any kind of agenda or bias especially if the separation goes to court and a litigation valuation is required.

Property Settlement Valuations Melbourne

When seeking out our property settlement valuations, it’s important to seek out a valuation company that is not only experienced in the industry but can also guarantee complete transparency with their valuation reports for court purposes. That’s why seeking out an independent valuation company will ensure an accurate, comprehensive and transparent valuation free from all bias.

We also encourage clients to use API qualified property valuers as a service to determine the current fair market value of a property, as opposed to real estate agents. We recommend this because real estate agents tend to provide appraisals with an agenda and have a conflict of interest. One example of a common conflict of interest is the real estate agent wanting to sell the property and receive a commission from it. By seeking out a registered property valuer, you will be receiving service from a trained industry professional that will act with an impartial view for your divorce settlement valuation. This means without any kind of conflict of interest, agenda, and will look out for our client’s best interests. This can save you time and money by removing the need to instruct lawyers to mediate any disputes with the value of the property in question.

Our team of senior property valuers are not only trained and registered with the Australian Property Institute, but they always act in our clients’ best interests in all family law property valuations, including those for divorce settlements. Each of our experienced valuers has at least 20 years of experience in the industry. All of the above factors have allowed Melbourne Property Valuers Metro to rise to one of the top positions in the property valuation for divorce settlement industry in Victoria. As such, should you have any queries relating to a settlement property valuation or any other kind, please get in touch with our specialised team today.

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