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We at Melbourne Property Valuers understand the growing importance of various aspects related to valuation. Hence, as far as early 1980s we have understood that the market is quite big and we started our operations in that year. Since then we have grown in size and stature and have a number of customers in our fold.

We have our main office in Melbourne and we also have a number of branches to cater customers from other areas too. Our growth has been centred on certain basic principles and objectives and we are very particular about not compromising on the same.

We offer a gamut of services and we could also be called a one-stop solution for all valuation related matters.

While welcoming you to our website, we would request you to spend some time here. It will help you to have a better understanding about the various types of activities that we have on offer such as:

  • All types of property valuations.
  • Valuations which have a big bearing on property audits.
  • Back-dated valuations that have retrospective effect particularly with regard to Capital Gains Tax matters.
  • Matters related to compensation valuations that involve government agencies.
  • Property mortgage and the various aspects related to valuation of such properties.
  • Pre-sale and pre-purchase related valuations that could have very serious legal implications.
  • Internal accounting valuations that have a bearing on the overall tax liabilities of companies and much more.

We are run by a team of professionals who have rich experience in this filed. We are well staffed and will be in a position to attend to any complicated valuation related matters whether it is for individuals, corporate houses, government agencies or even big banks and financial institutions. We believe in offering unmatched services to our customers at rates and prices that are very attractive to say the least.

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