Unit Entitlements

The rules governing unit entitlements for strata lot owners keep changing frequently and many a time the rules are not properly understood. The United Titles Act which governs unit entitlements is quite complex and hence calculation of the entitlements are generally outsourced to organizations who have expertise in this. We play a big role in :

  • Calculating unit entitlements for strata owners whether they are apartment owners, office blocks, townhouses and retail, commercial or industrial complexes.
  • We help the owners to have a clear understanding about the share ownerships patterns as far as common utilities like parks, parking spaces, elevators, lifts and other such conveniences are concerned.
  • We also help the strata owners in their day to day functioning of the body corporate by suggesting ways and means for efficient running of the entire strata complexes.
  • There are different types of calculations for built forms and for land alone. These calculations are related to various rules governing United Titles Act and often quite complex.
  • That is where we chip in with our experience and ensure that the customers are able to get a clear idea about their entitlements.
  • The unit entitlement quantifications are again complex calculations and there are several factors involved in it. The size of the lot, the location and a few other parameters need to be taken into account. We have the experience and expertise to do a good job of it.
  • The entitlement calculation has a bearing on the annual levies and taxes to be paid by each strata owner and hence we take utmost care to come out with the best valuation reports.

We have a team of experienced individuals and a big support staff to help in offering the best solutions even for the most complex matters. Hence, for any such requirements it will make a lot of sense to contact us.

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