Separation/De Facto Relationship Valuations

We at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro have been in the valuation industry for a long time, which has allowed us to understand the complexities and intricacies of many property transactions. When it comes to separation/de-facto relationship valuations, we also understand the added stress our clients must be under in this tumultuous time. Our advice and support can go a long way in making these sensitive and often emotive transactions as smooth as possible.

A property valuation report from a registered valuer is a legal document that assesses the true and fair market value of the asset, without the bias that an agent or involved party might have. It is important during a separation that the fair market value of the asset is obtained to avoid disputes that can last and cost a lot.

We complete these assessments independently with the help of a team of professionals who approach the valuation without conflict of interest.

Our reports are highly regarded in the industry and are comprehensive, honest, and accurate. We also never compromise on our high level of service and adherence to statutory requirements.

Should you wish to discuss a property valuation you may require, or for a free quote, call us today on (03) 9021 2007 or fill out an online enquiry form, and one of our staff will be of assistance as soon as possible.