Retrospective/Back Dated Valuations Eg. 8 May 2012

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro has a team of API qualified property valuers who are ready to assist with all of your Retrospective Property Valuation needs. These property valuation reports can be used in many situations such as divorce, estate matters, litigation, and for Capital Gains Tax, among many more.

To complete these reports, the property valuer assesses the property at a certain point in time and analyses comparable sales to the property from around this date.

We are in the top tier when it comes to service and client satisfaction with our property valuation reports. This can be attributed to a number of factors including:

  • We have clear and up to date understanding of the capital market in all areas and periods
  • We take the utmost care to ensure that we are able to offer the best services in the most timely fashion
  • We can also complete these property valuations after a property has been sold. In these cases, our property valuers Melbourne will go out to externally inspect the property
  • We include all details about the property in the reports including condition, size, location, zoning, market movement, and ancillary improvements
  • We are always happy to analyse data supplied by our clients should they wish to provide it

Generally, clients require us to value their property as at the date it became their investment property or the date the property became their primary place of residence. The former usually occurs after the client has been living in the subject property for a number of years and is classified as their primary place of residence, and the latter usually occurs when the property was purchased as an investment and the client moves into the property following the exit of their tenant. Of course, every situation is unique, so please do not hesitate to speak with certified property valuers Melbourne to understand when you are required to have your property valued.

To receive a free quote or to discuss any property valuation Melbourne report requirements, please call us today on (03) 9021 2007 or fill our an online enquiry form and one of our representatives will respond as soon as possible. We won’t be beaten on service or price!