Rental Determination/Rental Reviews

When you take up on rent premises or properties there certainly would be the need for going in for regular reviews of the same. Fixing the right rent involves taking into consideration a lot of factors and that is where we could fit in.

Based out of Melbourne, we are always counted as one of the best rent determination and rent review valuation service providers. As mentioned above a number of factors need to be taken into account while going in for rental reviews. A few of them are mentioned hereunder:

  • The location of the property has an important bearing on the rent payable. We have area-wise reports on the rent that is prevailing at any given point of time. We use scientific methods to calculate and arrive at these figures.
  • We are backed by an efficient and experienced team which gets regular update on the rents that are currently being charged in various localities.
  • The size of the property, the interior decoration and the overall quality also has a big role to play in determining rents and when it comes to rental reviews.
  • We offer our services both for commercial and residential purposes.
  • Some of the most satisfied customers are well known companies.
  • Some of the most respected high net worth individuals also look upon us when it comes to determining rents and fixing reviews on a regular basis.
  • We take into account both the parties when it comes to determining rental valuations.
  • We ensure that both the parties get a fair deal.
  • Many property owners continue to repose their faith on us because we ensure that the valuation offered by us ensure that they get a fair return from their properties by way of rent.

The bottom line is that whenever there is a need for rental fixation or review, you will have all the reasons to contact us at least for the sake of taking useful information.

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