Related Party Transfer Valuations

When there is a need for transferring of property from one person to another, there are quite a few things that should be kept in mind. Apart from ensuring that all documents are in perfect order and the ownership of the proposed seller is beyond doubt, getting a hang about the actual value of the property is also very important. It is here that we have a major role to play. We are considered as a leading player in helping our customers to help in various matters related to buying and selling of properties. A few important things that we help our customers in are as follows:

  • We have rich experience in finding out what the valuation of properties is in different locations.
  • The stamp duty that needs to paid also varies from place to place and we help out our customer is getting an accurate picture of the same.
  • We understand that there are different rules pertaining to transfer valuations that are applicable to different parties.
  • For example, if the transfer is between relatives and kith and kin the stamp duty application could vary.
  • Unless there is proper stamp duty valuation completed by a property valuer who is registered such stamp duty calculations are not valid. Hence our role becomes extremely crucial and important.
  • In fact even the best of property solicitors and settlement agents often refer our name to their customers when it comes to a fair and accurate estimate of stamp duty valuations.
  • We have a foolproof system that helps in keeping a tab on the various changes that could be effected in stamp duty rates from time to time.
  • Timely services are something that is very top in our mind. Hence, customers can rest assured that they will get the Stamp Duty Valuation amount within a few hours after they come to us with a request.

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