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Related Party Transfer Valuations

When transferring a property title over between family or related parties, it’s important to determine the accurate current market value of the property. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro are a full service valuation company that can cater towards all Related Party Transfer valuations across all property types. We are Melbourne’s experts in all residential, commercial and industrial properties and provide our clients with comprehensive, professionally detailed valuation reports.

A property valuation for Related Party Transfer purposes is reserved for clients who are either transferring the title or purchasing/selling a property between family members or friends in a private sale. When this is the case, the State Revenue Office needs confirmation that the correct value of tax has been paid between the parties as a result of the sale. In turn, the SRO requires an independent and certified valuation report to state the value of the property at its current fair market value.

During the preparation of the valuation, our local senior valuers will perform a thorough market analysis of the property and the surrounding areas. The information provided in the valuation report may differ depending on its purpose, however, a few examples of what can be included are:

  • Property Summary
  • Zoning/council restrictions
  • Land and Town Planning details
  • Local comparable sales
  • Building Condition, focusing on fixtures and fittings
  • A market commentary

Because transferring a property title from one person to another is usually via a private sale, the SRO requires a valuation from a registered property valuer to complete the transaction. This is why it’s important to seek out an independent and certified valuer to complete the work. Melbourne Property Valuers Metro are the leading valuation firm in the Melbourne because of our stellar reputation and extensive experience in the industry.

Related Party Transfer Property Valuers Melbourne

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we pride ourselves on being an independent, full-service valuation company. We have attained a strong reputation for producing comprehensive valuation reports that are completely free from agenda and any kind of bias. Unlike the banks or real estate agents, we do not hold any conflict of interest and are dedicated to producing an accurate and transparent valuation report for our clients.

We guarantee our clients the very best valuers by only employing valuers that have been trained and qualified by the Australian Property Institute with a minimum of 20 years experience. Furthermore, we ensure that our valuers are local to the Melbourne area to give an insightful and comprehensive market analysis.

Because of this, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is regarded as one of the leading property valuation firms operating in the Melbourne metro area. We pride ourselves on coupling high quality property valuation reports with exceptional service and affordable, competitive fees. Our guiding principles are accuracy, honesty and integrity across all valuations to ensure our clients are receiving the very best service that we have to offer.

A valuation for Related Party Transfer means that a correct and accurate current market value is paramount when submitting the SRO. As a result, we always strive for excellence with our clients we and our success in the industry can be attributed to some of the below qualities:

  • We have rich experience in all property valuation aspects across residential, commercial and industrial property types
  • We only employ the most experienced and fully qualified property valuers
  • All our property valuers based in Melbourne are API qualified and have over 20 years’ experience each
  • We understand the differing rules in regard to Stamp Duty when transferring ownership between parties
  • Our role in these transactions is crucial as unless the report is submitted to the State Revenue Office is from a qualified property valuer, it will not be accepted
  • The best property lawyers, conveyancers and settlement agents always refer our name to their clients
  • Timely service is something that is a major priority for us as we understand the tight time constraints when valuing for transfer purposes

Based on our enquiries, the most common reason for seeking a related party transfer valuation is when a parent is transferring their property to a child. In turn, they are required to know what the current fair market value of the property is to set a fair price for the transfer. As a benchmark, we always treat each situation with care, compassion and due diligence it deserves. This is to guarantee that all parties understand and receive the true value of the property in question.

In addition to receiving a comprehensive report from one of industry professionals, we have an office team that are always available to answer any queries or concerns involving your valuation.

For a free quote, contact us today on (03) 9021 2007 or fill out an online enquiry form, we are happy to discuss any property valuation Melbourne report requirement you might have. We won’t be beaten on price or service!

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