Melbourne Property Valuations For Tax Purposes

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we specialise in a range of property valuations for tax purposes Melbourne, including residential, commercial and industrial. Tax is an inevitable part of dealing with, owning and selling property. Whether you’re calculating tax for your tax return or engaging in a private sale of a property, you will need a registered valuer to help assist in determining the correct value of your property. Furthermore, when you are required to submit your stamp duty payment to the tax office, you want to ensure you are paying the correct amount. That is why we offer our clients stamp duty valuations and our retail property valuation service. In saying this, our clients rely on our trusted reports to confirm they are paying an accurate reflection on the property value.

When it comes to taxation, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro understands the complexities and difficulties associated with this sector of property valuation. The rules governing taxation are multifaceted and it is our prerogative to provide a service that will not only assist our clients with their tax but also result in a transparent and accepted property valuation for tax purposes report by the Australian Taxation Office.

Throughout most areas of taxation, there is a mandatory requirement to provide property valuations for tax purposes to gauge the amount of tax payable. This is paramount for calculating the correct amount of tax to the State Revenue Office. Our property valuers in Melbourne have a minimum of 20 years of experience each and are all registered under the Australian Property Institute (API).

There is a variety of reasons why our clients reach out to us in regard to a property valuation for tax purposes. Some of our most common enquiries can include:

  • Tax relating to business and legal entities.
  • Tax restructuring.
  • Predictive or pre-emptive property valuations to assist in measuring Capital Gains Tax for future sale.
  • Property valuations under Sec 409(a).
  • Pertaining to gifts and estate matters.
  • Stamp Duty.

Property Valuation Reports for Taxation

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we pride ourselves on our quality standards of reports that reflect a comprehensive guide of the objective data that shows how we determined and reached the value of the property. Furthermore, we understand that sometimes it is required in taxation valuation reports, including house valuation for tax purposes, to determine the value at a previous date. With that being said, we can easily provide our clients with a retrospective property valuation for CGT as well as a current market value if and when needed. Our reports cover a range of variables that identify the value of the property, either at its current market value or at a chosen retrospective date. Some of these variables can include:

  • Building structure and condition, focussing on fixtures and fittings.
  • Any kind of environmental factors that may influence the value.
  • Property location and proximity to centre districts, local amenities and public transport.
  • Local comparable sales.
  • Land information including council and zoning restrictions.

We have dedicated our skills, experience and knowledge to the assurance that our clients are receiving the best property valuation for tax purposes service and a quality, professionally detailed report. Furthermore, we act within our client’s best interests and remain completely independent without the hassle of any kind of bias.

Our property valuation for tax purposes reports are compliant with the guidelines and requirements set out by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If you would like more information on how taxation is related to property, you can read the ATO guidelines here.

Property Valuations For Tax Purposes Melbourne

Having been at the top of the industry for so many years, Melbourne Property Valuers Metro understands that a good, certified property valuation for tax purposes report can make an enormous difference in our clients’ taxation matters. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professional property valuers in Melbourne to handle this sector of property valuation work specifically. We approach this work with the utmost professionalism and organisation, and all our property valuations are based on sound principles and property valuation guidelines that will stand firm under any kind of scrutiny. We are also vigilant in keeping up to date on changes in property tax law.

This is accomplished by incorporating a quality assurance program within our company that ensures our clients are always receiving the best house valuation for tax purposes service. In doing so, we make efforts to ensure that each of our API qualified senior valuers take part in regular training with the Australian Property Institute to ensure that we are kept up to date with practising professional standards.

Considering the above, this has allowed our clients to maintain their faith in us when it comes to navigating through these complex laws and regulations while receiving the best value for money on top tier services. In return, our clients come back to us as a trusted and independent company to provide an accurate report for all valuations, including house valuations for tax purposes.

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