Property Settlement Valuations

Getting the right price for property sales is often a very difficult matter. It may not be always possible to satisfy the seller because they may feel that the property could have fetched a higher rate than what it has been able to get.

On the other hand, as experienced valuers we have also seen that the buyers are never in the same page as that of the seller. Hence, the best way for a middle-road is to help both the stakeholders to have a satisfaction. This is done by offering the best possible property settlement valuation reports that are acceptable to both the parties.

This is not an easy job and there are several factors to it.

  • We strive to give the correct and factual valuation reports.
  • We are bound by certain ethics and corporate objectives which we will never compromise under any circumstances.
  • We are considered as an impartial organization because we go only by the actual facts and figures that are available when computing valuations.
  • We try and avoid situations where the sellers are coaxed and cajoled into selling properties at rates that are less than the market price.
  • Our property settlement valuation reports are often considered as the benchmark by hundreds of customer across Melbourne and surrounding areas.
  • Our main aim is to avoid disputes at a later date between the buyers and sellers.
  • The Office of the State Revenue also places a lot of confidence in our reports and this indeed is the best possible testimony regarding our credential and expertise.
  • While we endeavour to give time bond property settlement valuation reports, we also understanding the importance in adhering to demanding timelines.

All these factors put together has made us one of the most important valuers in Melbourne. Hence you should contact us for any such valuation requirement and feel the experience of dealing with us.

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