Property Settlement Valuations

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro understand the delicate nature with which settlement property valuations must be handled, due to the sensitive time the clients are having to go through.

In light of this, our property valuers strive to offer independent, ethical and accurate services in a friendly and informative way to assist the process in producing as smooth a transaction as possible.

This is achieved by the following:

  • We strive to give correct and factual property valuation reports;
  • We are bound by ethical and legal frameworks to ensure objectivity and we will not compromise our position on this;
  • We are an impartial and independent organisation and only rely on facts rather than on opinions and ambiguity;
  • We will not be coaxed or cajoled into bias;
  • Our settlement property valuations are relied on by hundreds of solicitors across Melbourne and Australia;
  • Our aim is to provide fair and equitable advice to achieve quick and agreeable settlement;
  • The State Revenue Office holds our reports in high regard and has never objected to the submission of our reports for the separation or addition to titles; and
  • While we endeavour to give the utmost care and attention to our property valuation reports, we also understand demanding timelines and are confident we effectively balance the two.

We also encourage clients to use API qualified property valuers as a service to determine the current fair market value of a property, as opposed to real estate agents. Real estate agents provide appraisals and have conflict of interest (they want to sell your property). Registered property valuers act with an impartial view, without conflict of interest, which can save you time and money by removing the need to instruct lawyers to mediate any disputes with the value of the property in question.

All of the above factors have allowed Melbourne Property Valuers Metro to rise to one of the top positions in the property valuation industry in Victoria. As such, should you have any queries relating to a settlement property valuation or any other kind, please get in touch with out knowledgeable staff today.

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