Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Valuations

If you are one of those who are wishing to sell or purchase property then it makes perfect sense to get in touch with us. Being in this line of business for the past many years makes us understand the various things to be gone through before a property deal is gone through. It seldom happens that the property is bought or sold immediately.

A majority of property dealings begin with the need for pre-sale or pre-purchase valuation of the property. We play a big role in helping both the buyers and sellers to get a fair idea about the valuation that could be expected from such buying or selling transaction.

We understand that buyers would like to buy at the best possible rates and on the other hand sellers would expect the highest possible price for the properties.

We play a big role in getting the whole process of buying and selling started. The pre-sale or pre-purchase valuation report that is given by us forms the basis on which the transaction is moved forward to the next higher level. Though there are free market valuers since most of them are real estate agents not all customers place confidence in the figures quoted by them.

Instead many such prospective buyers and sellers find it better off to directly deal with us. Our experience, expertise and the kind of professional services that we provide certainly instils a sense of confidence in the minds of customers.

We also play a big role in educating our buyers to have a fair idea about the actual location of the property. This will help them to make a buying decision based on facts rather than relying totally on the information provided by the sellers. We place a lot of importance on mental satisfaction of our clients when it comes to buying and selling of properties.

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