Melbourne Independent Property Valuers

We know the importance of using independent property valuers. Each of our valuers is a truly independent agent, they hold no biases or hidden motives when they perform the work necessary to determine the value of any building and are only interested in the facts that they uncover.

All independent property valuers Melbourne are experts that holds no connection to any business or concern that might interfere with their duty. As such they will only ever provide independent property advice and reports to our clients.

The work that our independent experts perform is always of the highest possible quality, all of them are certified property valuers under the Australian Property Institute (API) and as such are responsible for following some of the most exacting standards in the industry. These standards require them to complete each task with as much transparency and accuracy as can be achieved. This has led to Melbourne Property Valuers Metro’s stellar reputation in the industry across each property valuers service we provide.

Independent Property Valuers Melbourne

It is important the expert you trust to find the value of your property is free from any type of bias or ulterior motive. Anyone new to the process might not be aware that some groups that might be able to find the value of an asset do not have their clients’ best interests at heart.

Real estate agents work to sell your house or other asset and earn a commission on these sales so it should be no surprise that when they offer to appraise your house or other building types they are hoping you will choose them to sell it. This leads them to inflate the value potentially ending a disappointment when the auction hammer falls.

Those working for banks work towards the best outcome for their institution. This means that they will often calculate a lower price so that the bank they work for is better protected in the case of loan default.

An independent valuer like the ones at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro do not fall under either of these categories, instead, they are only interested in their clients and the facts of the market. The reports that we submit to our clients can be trusted to be based only on the truth and to be completely independent of any personal bias.

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