Melbourne House Valuation Service

Home valuations are our most commonly requested service. A valuation of this type has many different uses, from a pre-purchase/pre-sale valuation to CGT determination, a house valuation can be imperative for your next financial move.

Our experts are able to give you the information that you need to make the right choices, so if you are considering selling your property, buying a new one or determining your tax liability a residential property valuation should be your first step.

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro provides the most experienced house valuation service in Melbourne. Our experts have been able to help past clients, just like you, find the value of their property through our house valuation Melbourne service, this service involves detailed research into the local property market of the subject property. Once one of our senior experts has all the information and comparable sales needed, they can then accurately value your home.

After the current correct value has been found our expert will produce a property report that has been specially formulated for our client’s purpose. For example, if a property owner was looking for a Pre-sale valuation their report will look very different from a client looking for a value to ascertain their Capital Gains Tax. Our specificity allows us to perform valuations for a variety of purposes and an even wider variety of clients.

House Valuation Services Melbourne

When our clients request one of our valuation services, they will be connected with an expert in not only these types of valuations but their local property market too. Our senior valuations team contains experts in all areas of Melbourne property, our breadth of knowledge across this city places us in the perfect position to help anyone looking for a property valuation. We don’t only value houses in the metro area, we are able to assist clients throughout the state and in some cases can even find a property’s value remotely.

We call our team experts for a reason, each of them has been working in the industry for more than 20 years. In their decades of work, they have been able to assist countless people to find an accurate value for their properties. More than just experience, each member of our team has been fully certified by the Australian Property Institute (API). Before joining the Institute, a valuer must have completed a tertiary degree in a property related field and undertaken a two-year-long traineeship with a professional.

If you think you need a home valuation or have any questions you would like to ask our experts, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today by filling out the contact us form found below or calling (03) 9021 2007.