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Family Law Court Property Valuation

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we understand the delicate nature of seeking out a property valuation for Family Court purposes. That’s why we always endeavour to make the enquiry, booking and valuation process as smooth as possible. We always strive for excellence and ensure that each valuation is researched and produced with the proper care, compassion and due diligence. Our valuations are used frequently within a Family Court setting and our valuers are also able to step in for to be an expert witness or sign an affidavit if necessary.

Seeking out a property valuation for Family Law Court is an extremely stressful situation, and we understand the urgency of meeting deadlines for court dates. That’s why we have implemented a two business day turnaround for all clients from the date of inspection to ensure our clients receive their report when they need it by. If the circumstances require an urgent valuation, we can certainly aim to work within any specified deadline.

Our valuation reports are independently researched and produced by our expert property valuers to assure our clients that an accurate, current market value has been reached. It is in our clients’ best interests to produce a professionally detailed and independent property value in order to reach to a fair outcome.

In cases for Family Law Court intervention in a settlement, an independent property valuation is necessary to reach a fair division of assets. in these instances, it’s essential that the assigned property valuer completing the complex work has both exemplary property valuation ethics and experience. Furthermore, the valuer must be adequately trained to meet the standards and requirements as set out by the Australian Property Institute.

Getting a property valuation is an important process in the separation of assets and ensures this occurs in an equitable and fair manner. Settlement within a Family Court setting is an extremely stressful and emotionally charged time so it’s essential that the valuation process runs smoothly and hassle free. With that being said, we are committed to assisting our clients to the best of our availability throughout the entire valuation process. We have an experienced and helpful office team that can help you with any enquiry and is trained accordingly to steer you in the right direction.

Family Law Court Property Valuers Melbourne

We are one of the most renowned Family Law Court property valuation providers in Melbourne servicing the entire metropolitan area. We have provided a large number of valuations for the Supreme Court, Federal Court Circuits, and Family Law Courts. Additionally, we have successfully accrued a large number of enquiries based on the recommendations and referrals from lawyers and clients that have previously utilised our service.

There are a variety of reasons that have attributed to our success within such a niched space in the industry, some examples include:

  • As the stakeholders are in an emotionally charged situation, we exercise the utmost care to ensure the property valuation process is highly transparent and completely fair to both parties
  • We employ only the most qualified and experienced senior property valuers for our Family Law Court property valuations
  • We are aware of the timeliness and demands for such reports and we meet these expectations and deadlines
  • Clients can expect the best service from us as we never compromise on service or quality of reports

Whenever a client submits one of our Family Law Court property valuation reports, they can do so with the peace of mind that they have received a very high quality assessment of the current market value. We guarantee our clients that all of our valuation reports for Family Law are completed efficiently and within our promised deadline. We can also adhere to urgent time constraints if and when necessary. At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we never compromise on our high level of service or integrity.

All of our senior property valuers based in Melbourne are qualified by the Australian Property Institute (API) with at least 20 years’ experience. This ensures that you are receiving the quality service required to conduct sensitive Family Law Court property valuations. Furthermore, we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and experience.

We understand the stressful nature of going through Family Law to reach an accurate and fair settlement. That’s why our team always endeavour to take the stress away from the clients by taking care of the valuation process from start to finish. In addition to this, we can take care of organising access with tenants and actively liaise with your specified law firm and ensure complete fairness, accuracy and transparency from start to finish.

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