Deceased Estate/Probate Estates

The need for valuers for deceased estates and probates is something that is not clearly understood by many people.

Quite often when a person dies, leaving behind a big estate, it is quite natural there will be a succession battle for claiming share of such properties. In most cases it is the kith and kin of such deceased persons who will be at loggerheads.

Though an amicable solution that is mutually acceptable is the best way out, in most cases such disputes often have to be settled by courts. In such cases valuation of the deceased property is very important. It is in such situations that we play a big role.

Any valuation that is done by the attorneys of both the parties could often lead to doubts and suspicions. When it comes to us we ensure that:

  • We ensure that we do afair valuation of the estate of the deceased.
  • We go by the current market price and the stamp duty that is payable for such properties.
  • Since we are government registered valuers, our valuation reports are respected by all the stake holders including government agencies.
  • We are a company that believes in strong morals and ethics and our valuation reports are kept confidential should the honorable courts decide so.
  • We ensure that the present market conditions are taken into account when it comes to such valuations.
  • We try and include all the items and belongings which could make up the entire estate of the deceased persons.
  • We take care to add up the total value of the assets and subtract the liabilities before arriving at the final valuation figure
  • There could be some element of inheritance tax which also we take into account while computing the final valuation figure.

Therefore, it always makes sense to keep our name in mind whenever there is a need for such deceased estate property valuation.

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