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Deceased Estate/Probate Valuation

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we understand the delicate nature of dealing with a deceased estate. Whether you are dividing assets for a deceased estate or going through Probate, finding an independent valuation company that you can rely on and trust is important for a hassle free process. Our expert team of senior property valuers are dedicated to ensuring all our clients receive the best service that we can offer and to alleviate any unnecessary stress.

After a person has passed away, their estate needs to be accurately valued to ensure the correct and fair division of assets for the beneficiaries. Securing an independent property valuation is essential to maintain transparency and to reach to a fair assessment of the properties within the estate. An independent property valuation will provide an accurate and transparent current market value of the property in relation to the market. An independent valuation report does not rely on any kind of bias during the research and preparation of the report. With that being said, our independent valuation reports rely on objective data and extensive market analysis to determine an accurate value. A few examples of what our reports entail include:

  • Local comparable sales
  • Environmental factors/risks factors of the local surrounding areas
  • Building and Property Summary
  • Zoning information
  • Information in regard to land and surrounding area variables
  • Any information that may affect the property market

Using these variables, our expert team of senior property valuers are able to reach an accurate value of the property to assist in the correct division of assets for the beneficiaries of the estate. We always understand that sometimes a valuation from the ‘Date of Death’ is required for Probate purposes. In addition to providing a current market value of the property, we can also provide a retrospective valuation for a specified date if needed.

While any assets and property will either be distributed among the beneficiaries or to a trustee and held in trust, the implications of a deceased estate can be complex. For more information about deceased estates in accordance with Victoria’s laws visit Victoria’s State Revenue Office to see how this might affect you.

Deceased Estate/Probate Property Valuers Melbourne

Due to the sensitive nature of dealing with a deceased estate, our team of senior property valuers all have at least 20 years experience in the industry, making them uniquely qualified to help our clients. With such an extensive background, expertise and experience, our team of senior valuers are the best in the industry to complete valuations across all property types for deceased estate/probate purposes.

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we pride ourselves on always striving for excellence and our consistent delivery of high quality property valuation reports. Furthermore, we always strive to treat each circumstance with the care, compassion and due diligence that it deserves, as well as providing caring and honest communication in regard to our procedure.

We conduct professional property valuations on all manner of residential, commercial, and industrial properties as well as purpose built properties all over the Melbourne metropolitan area. Our clients have consistently reported great satisfaction with our services which can be attributed to some of the following:

  • We only employ Certified Practising Valuers qualified under API
  • Each of our certified property valuers have at least 20 years’ experience each
  • We ensure we are transparent with our process and produce the current fair market value of the property without bias
  • Our property valuation Melbourne reports are legally binding documents or “sworn valuations”. These are accepted at all statutory agencies such as the ATO, State Revenue Office and the Courts
  • Everything about the property is assessed – including variables such as the building condition, zoning, size, fixtures and fittings, proximity to amenities and the market movement

In contingency with our guiding principles of accuracy, honesty and integrity, our clients are our number one priority and we ensure our clients receive a smooth and hassle free process. Our office team is able to help you with any enquiry during any stage of the valuation process. We understand that this is a stressful time for the Executor and beneficiaries alike, so we can guarantee a comprehensive and transparent valuation report given within an efficient timeframe to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

When our clients seek out our valuation services, we are usually instructed by the Executor of the Deceased Estate however, on occasion, we are instructed by concerned family members or their solicitors. Regardless of who our instructing party is, as licensed property valuers, we always act without conflict of interest, agenda and in a professional manner. Our valuers are all qualified and trained with the Australian Property Institute and receive ongoing and up to date training to ensure we are consistently meeting industry standards and benchmarks.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with one of our property valuers in Melbourne should you have any queries or concerns. Should you wish to seek out a quote or have a general chat with one of our trained representatives, please contact us today on (03) 9021 2007 or fill out an online enquiry form. We won’t be beaten on price or service!

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