Current Fair Market Value

Whenever there is a need to transfer ownership or property from one entity to another, there are a number of legal and statutory requirements that needs to be gone through. Amongst them having a fair valuation done of the property is extremely important. This is s an extremely complex task and no one understands this better than we.

We are regarded as one of the finest property valuers in Melbourne and there are quite a few reasons for this. It would be interest our readers to understand a few reasons that have gone in making us a big player in this arena.

We offer our services for a host to property related valuation matters and the scope of our services are quite huge to say the least

  • We offer our services for Family Law Court property valuations.
  • Stamp Duty Valuations are the best and accurate when it is done through us.
  • Taxation Valuations that could be quite complex at times and our professional experts will be there to help you at any time.
  • If there is a need for proper mortgage security valuation, here too we can step in and help out.
  • For many auditing requirements we also offer our expert advice for Superannuation Fund Valuations.
  • Back dated valuations having retrospective effect is on the most complicated jobs and perhaps we are the very few players in Melbourne who have done it very efficiently and accurately.
  • There are quite few other areas too where our overall experience in valuation has come in very handy and useful. Whether it is Asset Register Valuations or Internal Accounting Valuations or even the most complicated Rental Determinations/Reviews, you can count on our experience and expertise.

Hence, whenever there is any type of property and finance related valuation requirements, you should certainly have a look at us before taking the matter forward.

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