Current Fair Market Property Valuations

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is regarded as one of the finest certified  property valuers Melbourne servicing the entire metropolitan area. We offer our property valuation services for a lot of property related matters, and do so with honesty, integrity, and accuracy. No work is too small or too complex for our highly trained team of expert Certified Practising Valuers.

We provide a number of current fair market property valuation reports for the following purposes:

  • Property settlement, mediation and family law court;
  • Retrospective and current market for taxation, especially as at 8 May 2012 for non-residents tax purposes;
  • Land tax objection;
  • Superannuation transfer purposes;
  • Deceased estate and Probate property valuations (current market and as at the date of death);
  • Stamp duty and related party transfer valuations;
  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale advice property valuations;
  • Capital gains tax (CGT) valuations;
  • Commercial property valuations;
  • And many more.

We are asked on a weekly basis why bank property valuations are conservative. The main reason for this is that property valuers understand they are risky, increasing their exposure to litigation and subsequently, property valuers are provided with the estimated value of the property. This estimate is provided by the bank or mortgage broker and is usually the minimum amount required for the deal to be approved.  When the deal amount is only small, or you LVR is low, the value estimate will also be low. On most occasions the property valuer is not going to value the property more than the estimate, even though they know it is worth more, because the deal will be approved, and the bank is happy (their client). But the borrower is left wondering what the true value of their property is, and how much equity is left in the property. It also causes issue in the future if you want to borrow more, because a property valuer isn’t going to jump substantially from one valuation to another in a relatively short time period (it makes them look incompetent). We always recommend to clients that they need to over estimate the value of their property to the bank or mortgage broker, so the property valuer is in a position whereby they need to undervalue the property based on your over inflated estimate, which should be closer to the current fair market value.

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