Capital Gains Tax

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is one of the leading team of property valuers Melbourne serving metropolitan area. We offer high-quality property valuation services for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) purposes and our property valuers specialise in providing property valuation reports that are suitable for submission to the Australian Taxation Office for all of your CGT requirements. Our API qualified property valuers all have over 15 years’ qualified experience each and are able to provide both current fair market value, retrospective or backdated property valuations to assist in the calculation of your Capital Gains Tax liability.

We understand that our property valuation reports become an integral part of the calculation of this CGT liability and hence we strive to provide maximum client satisfaction through our high-quality services. We complete property valuations for taxation purposes daily.

Such instances, and our most common reasons for Capital Gains Tax property valuation reports are:

  • Moving out of your primary place of residence and renting it out (turning it into an investment property)
  • Selling an investment property and providing a backdated or retrospective report back to the time of the CGT event
  • Moving into an investment property or making the investment property your primary place of residence
  • Important change in Capital Gains Tax laws for non-residents – recent Capital Gains Tax law changes affecting non-residents and offshore owners have made it a requirement to have properties valued as at the date of change in law from the 2012 Federal Budget. These changes occurred on 8 May 2012 and has seen the 50 percent CGT discount removed from for non-residents who hold interests in Australian property. Individuals impacted by the change can still claim the discount for CGT accrued prior to 8 May 2012. We recommend those affected by this change contact their accountant or financial advisor and if required, then contact us at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro so we can assist you in your CGT calculation

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro advises you seek advice from your accountant or financial advisor to determine dates and relevant information before engaging a property valuer as the date is integral to the ATO.

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