Understanding the Value of Your Valuation

By John Anderson

Property Valuers

While every homeowner will need a property valuation, it’s likely that few will feel like they need one. With that being said, with so many options and avenues to seek out a property valuer, it’s common for most individuals to seek out the most cost effective option.

The truth of the matter is what often goes overlooked is the quality and level of professionalism of the report. While this might not mean much now, it can have serious ramifications for the determined value of your property, especially when you consider the purpose of the valuation.

Seeking out a property valuation can dictate what you pay in terms of stamp duty, capital gains tax, your super fund statements and can dictate your mortgage payments. If a property valuation is over or under-valued, you might be giving yourself more stress in the future.

There are many different options for valuation services, however, while real estate agents and banks offer these services, they will have their own interests to serve first. With that being said, a real estate agent will tend to optimise the value to drive up their sales, and banks will be more on the conservative side. Seeking out an independent valuation, on the other hand, will be researched based on data and primary sourced evidence to reach an accurate value either at a current market or retrospective date.

Understanding the value of your valuation will give you a unique insight into how seeking out an independent valuation service can help you:

Financial savings

There will always be competitors and lower cost options, however, seeking out the true value of your property requires thorough research by an expert in their field. Many situations call for a compulsory valuation, especially when it’s for super, tax, or litigation purposes. In cases like this, it’s paramount to seek out an independent valuer who will work with you to reach a fair and accurate price. If a valuation has been reached with the appropriate evidence to back it up, then all parties are more likely to agree with the outcome.

For homeowners seeking a property valuation for capital gains tax and stamp duty, the main aim of the valuation is to seek out a value that will ensure you’re not paying over its actual value. Additional taxes like CGT and stamp duty can catch you off guard so it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to minimise your tax liability. An independent property valuation can help you achieve this.


A property valuation can sometimes be a requirement in less than desirable circumstances. A deceased estate, a divorce settlement or separation can mean multiple parties with multiple expectations. As a result, this can easily turn into a stretched out procedure if any of the involved parties cannot come to an agreement. With this being said, finding a property valuer that all parties have the confidence can be hard to come by so it’s important to have an independent valuer determine the current market value of the property.

Within any industry, it’s important to find a professional that you can trust with the service that you need. Whether it’s pre-purchase or pre-sale, settlement, or taxation, having the reassurance of a property expert will give you the confidence that you’re in the best hands. An independent property valuer always strives for the accurate value of your property.

Expert Advice

Making decisions about your property can be life-changing. Whether it’s the decision to refinance, re-mortgage, sell, buy, or renovate, it’s important to set yourself up with an expert that can provide you with the advice you need to help with your property.

When you’re faced with decisions regarding your long term investment, an independent valuer can provide you with expert advice within their valuation report. Furthermore, be sure to seek out a valuer who is trained and registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) to ensure quality assurance with all standards and procedures.

Furthermore, be sure to seek out an valuer who can also perform as an expert witness in court to ensure that all correct processes were made to reach the determined value. It’s always best to have an expert on your side to give you the best possible advantage for your property related decision.

Understanding that the valuation you receive from an expert, independent property valuer is more valuable than you realise will give you an advantage for your next property related decision. An expert valuation report will provide you with the insight of your property’s value within the local market, but it can also save you time and money in the long run.

Furthermore, a quality and professional valuation report from an expert will give you the information to help you with your valuation requirements. Seeking an independent valuation means that you’re paying for expert advice, thorough research and an accurate value on your home. This report will be free from agenda and bias and will be compiled purely to serve your interests and meet the requirements as specified.

Having an independent valuation firm will give you the reassurance that your property’s value is in the best of hands. In turn, you will receive a bias free report based on objective evidence and expert knowledge with decades of experience.

Seek out our services at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro for a quality report and expert advice. A quality valuation report will provide you with an expert’s insight into the property, its location, and the local property market. In addition to this, your valuer will be able to work with you to ensure you’re receiving an accurate value for your home.