Tips to Prepare for a Property Valuation

By John Anderson

Melbourne House Valuers

If you are planning to get a property valuation, you are no doubt looking for ways to prepare your property. While the major factors that influence your valuation can’t be altered, such as the location and size of the property, you can make an impact on your property valuation.

In order to get the most out of your property valuation, you will want to be as prepared as you can. This includes knowing what to expect and having everything ready for the inspection.

No matter what property type you have, or the purpose for the inspection, it is important to be well-prepared.


Doing some research prior to valuation can go a long way. By researching what goes into a valuation and what you can expect, you will be better prepared.

This stage is important to ensure you are clear in what you need a valuation for, and know what kind of services have positive reviews.

You can also research into recent sales in the nearby area to see if you can find any similar properties. This can help give you are more general idea of what the value may be, and guide your expectations.

Clean and de-clutter

Prior to the inspection, you should make sure your property is in pristine quality. This means doing a deep clean and clearing away any clutter.

Although this won’t have an immediate or large impact on the final value, it will make the process easier for the valuer. If your property is clean and tidy they will be able to see all the features clearly, and easily access any room.

This is a very easy way to prepare before the inspection for property valuation.

Repairs or renovations

Make sure any renovations or upgrades being worked on are completed before the valuation. Valuers calculate the value of your property based on how it appeared the day they inspected it.

As your valuation is based on the current state, the valuer cannot take into account what the potential increase in value would be once the renovations are complete.

Because of this, you must ensure your property is in complete condition before the inspection. This includes checking for any small repairs you may need to make.

Superficial damages may reflect poorly on the overall value of your property as they can appear to indicate further, more extensive issues.

Prepare any paperwork

You can also prepare yourself for the property valuation by getting any paperwork that may be helpful to the valuer in order.

Examples of paperwork that could be beneficial information while completing a valuation report include council zoning details, floor plans, lists of improvements made to the property- especially things that might not be immediately visible, and recent sale information of comparable properties.

By having this information handy you can leave the valuers in peace without following them around and pointing out features for them to note.

This will be very helpful for your valuer while they complete the inspection, and will ensure that the key features of your property aren’t overlooked.

Choose your valuer carefully

When preparing for your property valuation, the most important step to take is deciding what valuer to hire.

In order to get the most accurate results that are backed by expertise, make sure you choose an independent valuation company, and confirm that your valuer has the relevant qualifications.

Selecting a reputable valuation company is ideal, as you are sure to receive the best quality of service. In addition, finding a valuer who has extensive experience will also ensure that the value and advice you receive are informed by industry knowledge.

At Melbourne Property valuers, we require our valuers to have a minimum of 20 years of experience in property valuation, as well as qualifications and current registration with the Australian Property Institute (API).

This means that by choosing our services you will receive the highest quality of service and a well-informed, extensively detailed valuation report.

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