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No one tells you what to check before buying a home

Becoming a homeowner gives you a sense of satisfaction, power and stability. It’s a dream for who don’t possess any home. It needs a huge amount of money and research before investing in a home. We usually ask our friends, colleagues and real estate agent before buying the home but often forget to take an expert advise i.e residential property valuer’s advice. Yes, you should hire a residential property valuer for advice as they know all ins and outs of the property market pretty well.

Apart from their advice, being a prudent buyer you should check the things before buying. Here is the list of the things you should check before buying a home.

Inspect the local area well – Visit the area at least three to four times at different time zones of a day. Look at the noise level of the neighbours, amenities nearby the property, know the crime rate, check the sufficient natural light coming to the property or not, Ask about the parking space for guest, any extension or renovation prohibited or not etc.

Manage your finance – Look buying a home is a big thing, you should hire a financial advisor to help you in managing the funds properly. Check your borrowing limits or how much loan amount you are getting from the bank? You can also check the deposit and other sources of finance if you have. Otherwise, a cause of lack of finance you may have to lose the deal.

The reason behind the property selling – Before buying any property know the reason why the owner is selling the property? Is there any story behind the property is on the market? Well, you can ask the owner directly but to know the real story you should ask the local residential property valuer they will narrate the whole picture in front of you. It is vital to know the backstory of home (if any it has). It might change your perception for the home or property.

Know your neighbours – You have to get socialised with your neighbours before moving to the area. Even before buying you should talk to them to get their information regarding the local area and thus you can check they are friendly or not. Look neighbours are going to put the great impact on your lifestyle choose them wisely.

Hire the professionals – While you are buying the home for the first time without any second thought you should contact the best solicitor, financer to handle legal and financial matter thus you can make buying home a nice experience. Ask your lawyer to check the legal documents before signing the agreement or ownership.

Check environmental risk – Know the impact of environmental hazards like flood, land collapse, fire zone in the area where you are looking to buy the new property. The area is prone to environmental hazards or not if they are then it is advisable not to buy the property there, cause fully covered insurance premiums of a home in those areas to cost you too much which is like bearing an unnecessary expense.

Follow these tips to before buying the home. Hire our residential property valuer for best residential property valuation services.