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Why house flipping is good for you?

Hope you must have heard about the house flipping method. But if not then not to worry. This is the quickest way to make money in the real estate as you buy a distressed property, flip it (renovate it to increase its value) and then sell it with the core aim to make a profit.

The major concern is to gain the maximum profit in the shortest period of time. Yes, more the selling timeless the profit will be gained or vice-versa. As the house flipper tries to buy the real estate property at a discounted price, improve it and sell it for financial gain. The main motive is to earn more money. If you sell the property by making delay the cost of holding the property, maintenance cost, property tax fees property insurance premiums get to add on it and will eat up your property margins. So better to sell the flipped property as soon as possible. Even the renovation or improvement time also matters. This time also should be less to make more money. To know the actual market value of the property you should hire property valuer they all about the property market.

Here we are sharing the pros of house flipping process –

No longer wait – As the strategy demands less time so the investor can estimate and gain financial benefits that too in less time. You don’t even have to keep your money engaged in single investment for the longer time. Buy, flip and sell the property to make the profits.

Make more money in less time – The average time to make money in real estate six months and thus this process allows you to turn a profit quickly. Though that is not sure for every time. Yes, if you do it consistently you can become a pro and get good returns.

No tenants, no headache – Finding right tenants, keeping them, collecting rent, resolving their issues, is a big headache and eats up owners lots of time, money and efforts which are essential elements. And house flipping saves you from all this. As you buy, flip and simply sell it to get the good returns.

Distressed property – You buy unvalued or distressed property for flipping which usually cost you very less and you flip it to generate profits by increasing its cost and overall look. All you have to make prudent and shrewd decisions while choosing the corners for renovation. Invest in those renovations only which gives you good returns.

Less risky – As you are holding the property for such a short time period. So it is less likely to get influenced by the economic changes and property market condition. As real estate market changes over time and stock market get quickly fluctuated but when you choose the house flipping risk is very very less as compared to the other investments.

These are the pros of flipping. To know more about real investment and property valuation services contact us.

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Are you living in the same house? Even after retirement

You must to think twice if you are doing so. You are a retired being or soon going to retire in coming years. We all have certain plans regarding our life – the way we want to live after retirement. If you don’t have one, it’s a high time to think about it. Yes, especially about the ‘home’ – the place where you are still living. When you were young and had kids you chose big space, so your family can live properly.

But by the time children have grown up and moved to different cities or location for their career. It’s pretty obviously, the space or home feels big cause you don’t have even members to live there now.

In such cases experts like property valuer Melbourne suggest – “downsizing”. Downsizing is moving down from big home to small one. Even property valuations Melbourne support this as the benefits of downsizing are many.

When you choose to do so you are welcoming the new lifestyle as you require everything less there –

Less time needed – Home cleaning is the biggest task ever. Maintaining the home is essential too. Bigger the space, the more it takes time to clean, declutter, decorate and arrange. Small home requires less time in cleaning. Which saves your minutes in a day, hours in a month and hassles of maintaining a home. Thus, in saved time you can pursue your hobby and do what you like, thus you will get more me-time.

Less money – As you are going to retiree you have to think about your budget, finance also. Basically small home costs less as compare to big ones. You can keep it on rent. Small home rents are lower than big home. Even maintenance costs of small home is comparatively less. Flat and apartments are easy to maintain. For retirees it’s become easy to maintain a good lifestyle with a small home.

Less efforts – The time of retirement is near and your age is going up day-by-day. You feeling less energetic and more tired. What if you have to manage a home with four bedrooms? It is going to become an uphill task for you. So better to have a two bedroom home which you can manage well and easily. Thus downsizing benefits retires.

Sale and buy new small one – If you owns a big house you can sell it off and buy a new small one which will cost you much less than the sales price of your old big home. Thus you can save thousands of bucks and can invest that money in buying another real estate property. Which you can later keep on rental basis. Thus instead of one big property you can buy two (in some cases). One for your own purpose and second for rental purpose.

Hence the benefits of downsizing are many. We have listed down only a few. Property valuer says – Take a proactive approach to housing as you age, it’s better for later.

Hire property valuer Melbourne and enjoy the right valuation services when choosing downsizing.

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Qualities which makes your Real Estate Agent distinguished

You need a real estate agent to make an informed real estate property decision. As agents have spent years in practicing and understanding the real estate market. Their deep knowledge benefits the real estate investors and simplifies the property buying and selling process.

Being a greenhorn investor you should take advice from real estate expert. But the most common question arises in the minds of the people is – On which qualities we should focus on while hiring a real estate agent.

Here to simplify your task we have designed a list of qualities a real estate agent should possess. So before selecting the one make sure to check these qualities are there in your real estate agent or not.

Great knowledge – Real estate agent should know all about the local market trends, current condition, recent sales, market price, properties on sales and more. They should know well about these things which helps a naive investor a lot. Well the investor doesn’t know each and every minute detail of the property world. So better to hire a real estate agent with updated knowledge.

Good connections – Real estate business is all about networks, contacts you have and connections you make. Good connections simplifies you task and helps you to crack more deals and get more work. Their connects will help you in home buying and selling process. They know money lender who grants loan at great deals, professional lawyers, financial managers, property valuers Melbourne and more. This makes investor task easier.

Provides you right information – A good and reliable property agent provides you right and real time information each time and every time. They keeps you updated and and never hide any essential information from you. Transparency is the essential in providing the information related to real estate. A Good real estate agent maintenance transparency.

Clear and precise – A good real estate agent first understands your requirement and then start the work accordingly. To fulfil your purpose is always a main motto of the real estate agent. Some even prepares a questionnaire and ask you to fill it in order to bring the best results and help you to achieve what’s right for you.

Works in every condition – Real estate property world changes frequently and every investor, buyer and seller – demand and purpose varies. This brings a challenge in the work of real estate agents. So better to work as a real estate agent who is more flexible to adapt the changes with every client and flexible in nature.

You can find a real estate agent with these qualities over online by search and surfing. Even you can ask your friends and family to recommend you the best one.

For best property valuation services, Property valuers Melbourne are famous. They are registered, qualified, well trained, well educated. Their years of experience will help you in making the sagacious property related decision.

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Easy tips to rent out your property quickly

Earning money via generating rental income is the smartest way to invest your money in real estate properties. Finding the right, genuine and long lasting tenant for your investment property is a tough job. First you should hire a property valuer to evaluate the actual value of the property and then ask the property valuers Melbourne to find the actual and accurate rental value. Knowing the actual rental value of the property helps you keep your property on rent easily.  

Look we all know owning an investment property brings a lot of expenses. But if you are receiving good rental income then you will be able to pay your loan repayments, insurance and other maintenance cost associated with the property easily.

There are certain things which should be kept in mind while renting out your investment property –


  • Keep it clean and tidy – When prospective renters come to visit your property make sure your investment property is clean and clutter free. Dirty floors, peeled paint, broken tiles and collected trash in home creates a negative impression on the viewer. It is vital to keep your property well painted, up-to-date otherwise you won’t be able to get the right tenants for your investment property.



  • Repair, renovate or remodel it – Property demands maintenance. This is the pretty well-known fact and investors should keep it in mind. Monthly or weekly visit to the property is essential to known which part or corner of the property needs repairing. Your ignorance in the matters of home maintenance in the initial stages of the property creates trouble for you in future. So better to maintain, repair and if requires renovate the property timely. Well maintained property helps to attract the potential tenants.



  • Marketize your property – It is essential to disseminate the news of your property in the market in order to bring the potential tenants. You can marketize or advertise the property to grab the attention of right tenants. Plan your advertising strategy well to get the maximum exposure and returns on investment.



  • Maintain good relations with your tenants – Maintaining good terms with tenants, helps you to have longer occupancy. That’s what you want. Listen their problems carefully, resolve them timely so you could build good terms with the tenants which helps you to hold them.


Apart from this to put your property on rent you can hire property valuer Melbourne and property broker to know the rental value of the property and their expertise helps you to get the right tenant. Property brokers know well about the prospects and properties available on the market. Their work is to showcase right property to right tenant as per their requirements.

Property valuation services are essential before you make any decision related to the property world. Earn more money by renting out your property to potential renters.

Get the right valuation services by the property valuers Melbourne. Feel free to contact us anytime. Our experts love to assist you.

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Why people don’t buy some property

Whether you are an investor or vendor you want to sell out your property fast in order to make your next move in the property world. But selling real estate property and finding a suitable buyer for it is not an easy task. It is undeniable fact that there are lot many influential factors which affect the property transaction. You should work on those factors which you have control over and you should put some little efforts to sell your property fast. Keeping your investment property on market for a long time demands maintenance cost and lower the overall property price.

There are the reasons why homes don’t sell fast and why people don’t buy such properties. Because of mistakes are done by the property investors while selling it. In order to sell your investment property fast, it is advisable for the investors to take a suggestion from the property valuation VIC.

1. Incorrect pricing strategy – Every investor and vendor want to earn the profit. To fulfil this desire they overpriced the property which is the worst mistake they make. This leads to taking away the potential buyers. No matter how smartly your investment home is renovated never forget property buyers are smart now. They know the actual value of the property. So it is imperative for you to hire a property valuation VIC first and know the actual market value of it before announcing your property is not market for sale.

Tips – After location price is the second important things which are highly valued in the property market. Being an investor or property valuer you should set the right selling price of your property.

2. Poor quality renovation – While housing flipping or renovation or remodelling an investment property, you choose poor quality material and DIY task to save few bucks. Which is not right. Quality material speaks in itself. If you use low-quality material to cut your corners then buyers can easily understand the things and will show less interest or no interest in buying your property. There is the difference in cost efficiency and cutting your corners. Be wise in doing so.
You should not do the home renovations task just to save money remember only professionals can give you less quality work and poor quality work will cost you even more to rectify the mess you had created.

Tips – Choose the renovation task mindfully. Renovate those part of the house which needs improvements and very essential. Also, make sure your renovation gives you good returns on investment. You can even ask property valuation Sydney before starting the renovation.

3. Doesn’t fulfil their requirement – It is essential to target the right buyers to sell your home fast. If you are targeting the buyers having children and your investment property is not in the school’s zone. Then you are targeting wrong buyers. It is imperative to study the marketing strategy well. You should first understand the buyer’s need and then think does property fulfil the buyer’s requirement then only you should invest your time in approaching and convincing them otherwise not.

Tips- Understand the buyer’s need first and then related who you property resolves their problem. This helps you to sell your property fast.

These are the core reasons cause of which buyers don’t purchase the real estate property. For best property valuation services you can contact property valuation Melbourne.

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The perfect guide for Property research

Everyone wants to make a profitable deal and to earn money in the real estate property market. From finding the right property at the right location to know the returns on investment of the property (in which you had invested) or want to invest is all depends on how strong the property research you had done. The property research helps people to make the informed property decisions. To know the value of your home you should hire a home valuer.

These tips will help you to research well while putting your first step in the property world.

Financial research – The first thing you should do is financial research. It includes setting your budget, checking your funds, and knowing your limits of home loan. All you have to create a list of your assets, cash you have and check out your expenses. This helps you to know your affordability. Thus it becomes easy for you to create a financial balance and this will save from breaking the bank.

Type of Property – Once you have arranged your funds wisely then you have to think about the purpose which kind of property you want. Commercial or residential property or you are buying for your own use or investment purpose. Decide what type and for what purpose you need the property.

If you are buying for an investment purpose you should think like a buyer and its return on investment. If you are buying for your own use then you are free to choose the property which suits your pocket and fulfils your requirement.

Research the area well – If you are buying property for own use then research the locality in which you are planning to invest. It should suit your lifestyle and possesses the amenities you need. If you are planning to buy an investment property then you should consider the location with good returns on investment. Make a research about the vacancy rate, capital growth, house median prices. The surburbs or hotspots which are working well nowadays and research which is going to give you good ROI in future.

Now find the suitable property – Once your have completed your financial research, type of property, then your next task is to research about the property. You should check the property thoroughly before purchasing the property. Check the condition of the property, amenities available, make a research about property price. You can hire a home valuer for house valuation Melbourne. So you don’t have to pay much.

You can also take help of property broken in finding the suitable property of your choice. If you buying property for your own use then research it well. Select the few properties and then make a comparison. If you are buying an investment property then research the rental value of the property and then its future value. Check the capital grow rate of the property before buying it.

To hire the best home valuer for best home valuation services you contact us. We have a team of expert home valuers.

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Know which part of the home is known as – Heart of the home

Here are the reasons why the kitchen is called as first room of the home and why people should give importance to the home’s heart

Serves as functional and entertainment area both – Kitchen is the place where we can cook and enjoy your time with the family members which helps to create the bond between our dear ones. Even you can call friends for a party at home thus you can spend a great time well together with your friends you can cook delicious food and have a conversation with your friend together in the kitchen.

It’s a centre of a home and attraction – From morning coffee to dinner you want to be in the kitchen for everything. It is the place where food is cooked. Food energies our mind, body and soul to the place where raw food material goes in and comes out delicious tasty food which satisfy our hunger pangs then how we can stop ourselves calling it the first or best room of the home.

Place to make your health – We all know the fact – “Health is wealth”. We are what we eat. The home cooked food is the best for health this fact has been already proved by many kinds of research. Well, where most of the people are ordering the food from outside via food home delivery applications they are putting a worst impact on their health and pocket as homemade meal is best for both tummy and pocket while it costs you more when it comes to calling food from restaurants. Even this deteriorating the health and relationship between the people.

An entertainment place – Modular open kitchen usually connected with living space makes it more livable and fun place. You can cook and watch TV from your kitchen thus you won’t feel bored while cooking food. Even listening to music is also a good option to make your cooking interesting.

A creative place – Kitchen is the place where you can horn your cooking skills and try new things which makes you creative. Yes, in your kitchen you can cook new dishes and teach your children to help others in their work.

These are the reason behind the kitchen’s importance. You can hire a home valuer to guide you which home is best for you. Also to know the home’s value you should ask home valuer for home valuation services.

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Points to remember while selling the real estate property

If you are in the market to sell your property then no matter you are selling the property for the first time or you are a real estate investor who frequently does this. It’s advisable to take help from the home valuer they are the one who knows well about the property pricing, trends, and condition. Here are some points you should keep in your mind and follow to sell your property fast.

Tips for real estate property sellers –

Hire a good home valuer and real estate agent – To find the potential buyer for your property you have to make some research to find the dedicated and expert real estate agent and home valuer who possesses good negotiation skills to bring the best price of the property. You cannot do all the task by yourself so it is better to hire a home valuer and real estate agent who evaluates the right value of your property and helps you to sell your property fast. Don’t try to save your pennies here. Remember this is the investment you make to get the right value of your property.

Correct pricing – Remember buyers are very smart nowadays. You can’t make them fool by pricing high. They are smart enough and know well about the property prices. Higher price than the actual value of the property may take away the potential buyers from you. And lower pricing wouldn’t let you earn the profits and may put a dent in your expected profit margins. Incorrect pricing may keep your property on the list for weeks which nobody wants to buy. Thus price your home rightly, it is vital for your property.

Don’t wait for an auction day – If you and your agent have worked hard to sell your property and got some great offers from the buyer’s side before the auction then doesn’t wait for the auction day you can sell your property prior also. Expecting to get more and more value of your property is not the right way. If you are getting the appropriate value of your property then rapacity is not right. Close the deal as soon as possible.

Marketise your property smartly – Hire a professional photographer and ask to click the best, clear and colorful pictures of your home. Post them online in order to reach your target audience. The online display on relevant sites can help you to sell your property easily and quickly.

Hire a good auctioneer – If you are putting your property on auction make sure to have a good and an expert auctioneer with great skills who can make the crowd work well. A good auctioneer is responsible for crowd’s involvement for bidding well for the property.

These are the tips for the vendors who want to sell their properties to get the right value of it. Contact us to get the best home valuation services we have a team of expert home valuers who are qualified and experienced.

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Know why property valuation is necessary

People usually don’t know about Melbourne property valuation services and the irony is they don’t even want to. Because they have a real estate agent who roughly estimates the property price and people make the property transaction on the basis of it which is completely wrong.

It is imperative to understand the difference between property value and property price. Property value is the estimated value of the property determined by the qualified property valuer by keeping the various factors into consideration. Whereas the property price is the amount which buyer is ready to give to buy the property. Property price depends upon the mutual understanding between the buyer and seller.

Determining the property value is necessary for various reasons like –

When putting a property on sales listing –

When you are planning to sell the property, first you must figure out the actual value of the property, for this property valuation is the must. Then only you can put your property on sales listing to get the right value of it.

When keeping a property on the rental basis –

Many of us buy real estate property for an investment purpose and just to generate monthly rental income. For this actual current market value of the property should be known to the owner. Property valuation helps you to know how much rental income you can generate from the particular property.

When you want to buy a property –

If you are planning to buy a property it’s good to take a suggestion from the property valuer. They know all the ins and outs of the property. Valuers can suggest when and how to buy a property. Hire a property valuer aids to buy the property at low rates.

Property valuer finds the right value of the property through which one can evaluate the property tax amount, insurance premiums, helps to use the current home equity to buy the new property and more.

How property valuation is done –

First, find the best a property valuation company in the city and then hire a property valuer. Valuer inspects the subject property to gather all information related to the property and collect the current local sales data to find the comparable. After this valuer makes some analytical calculations to find the right value of the property.

Eventually, property valuer prepares a property valuation report which is used as a reference by the government authorities and courts to solve the legal issues. As the report by qualified valuer holds all the information of the property owner and property like type, area, structure, design, comparables used, the analytical calculation to determine the property value and colored pictures of the property.

Property valuer helps to find the right value of the property, they are the experts thus they can guide property owners, buyers, and investors in the much better way. Hiring a property valuer is a kind of investment one should make to save thousands of dollar. This investment surely gives you the good return on investment.

Feel free to contact us to get the affordable, right property valuation services through the expert property valuer.

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Young Australians are more interested in rental homes, know the reason

According to property experts -”The young Australians are more interested in rental homes rather than buying a home.”

As per the report – In the last 15 years, the rate of private rentals raised from 23 percent to 28 percent and very less number of people are buying their own homes. The reason behind this is raised dwelling prices and uncertainty in the employment.

In the period of 2013-2016 in Melbourne, only 10 percent of the renters moved toward homeownership, which was 13.6 percent in the year 2001-2004.

The adults between 35-44 age group, only 9.8 percent of people are moving into homeownership 2013-16. Which was 15 percent in 2001-2004. Which is relatively high in a 55-64 age group that is 11.6 percent in 2013-16.

The major reason behind not buying the home and increase in a number of the renter is high dwelling prices, but according to the property valuer Melbourne, the reason of the increase in renters and decrease in homeowners is the affordability and the high-interest rates are not allowing them to pay for the home loan.

Some households aren’t interested in purchasing a house because the risk is associated with the rise in the interest rates. People think they will end up with much larger repayments as a share of their income that they won’t be able to afford.

Geographical location is the biggest concern in the minds of people. Buying a home where access to the market, city, public transport, schools, hospitals, offices are more expensive and most people like to live in these areas only. This increases the demand among the buyers and ultimately makes the prices of these areas high.

So the people have to choose from two – either find a location where houses are less expensive where they can afford to buy a home or else find a location for rental purpose where their interest lies. And most are choosing rent over homeownership.

It is also seen among some young Australians that are becoming ‘re-investors’. They are choosing to live in the location where they want to live in on the rental basis and buying property in the area where they can afford that is for investment purpose.

Though these kinds of renters are increased who owns some property elsewhere but currently living as a renter. This is something called ‘trade-off’, that people have the potential to buy a home but not the place where they are living.

Most young Australians choosing to stay at their parent’s home. Thus the increase in households in Australia where multiple generations are living together in the same house as a result of increase in cultural diversity has been noted in these homes.

Property valuer says – “There are many communities where a lot of people living in a traditionally, multi-generational environment (when living with parents and grandparents) is just a common thing.”

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