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Are you living in the same house? Even after retirement

You must to think twice if you are doing so. You are a retired being or soon going to retire in coming years. We all have certain plans regarding our life – the way we want to live after retirement. If you don’t have one, it’s a high time to think about it. Yes, especially about the ‘home’ – the place where you are still living. When you were young and had kids you chose big space, so your family can live properly.

But by the time children have grown up and moved to different cities or location for their career. It’s pretty obviously, the space or home feels big cause you don’t have even members to live there now.

In such cases experts like property valuer Melbourne suggest – “downsizing”. Downsizing is moving down from big home to small one. Even property valuations Melbourne support this as the benefits of downsizing are many.

When you choose to do so you are welcoming the new lifestyle as you require everything less there –

Less time needed – Home cleaning is the biggest task ever. Maintaining the home is essential too. Bigger the space, the more it takes time to clean, declutter, decorate and arrange. Small home requires less time in cleaning. Which saves your minutes in a day, hours in a month and hassles of maintaining a home. Thus, in saved time you can pursue your hobby and do what you like, thus you will get more me-time.

Less money – As you are going to retiree you have to think about your budget, finance also. Basically small home costs less as compare to big ones. You can keep it on rent. Small home rents are lower than big home. Even maintenance costs of small home is comparatively less. Flat and apartments are easy to maintain. For retirees it’s become easy to maintain a good lifestyle with a small home.

Less efforts – The time of retirement is near and your age is going up day-by-day. You feeling less energetic and more tired. What if you have to manage a home with four bedrooms? It is going to become an uphill task for you. So better to have a two bedroom home which you can manage well and easily. Thus downsizing benefits retires.

Sale and buy new small one – If you owns a big house you can sell it off and buy a new small one which will cost you much less than the sales price of your old big home. Thus you can save thousands of bucks and can invest that money in buying another real estate property. Which you can later keep on rental basis. Thus instead of one big property you can buy two (in some cases). One for your own purpose and second for rental purpose.

Hence the benefits of downsizing are many. We have listed down only a few. Property valuer says – Take a proactive approach to housing as you age, it’s better for later.

Hire property valuer Melbourne and enjoy the right valuation services when choosing downsizing.