Asset Register Valuations

The importance of asset register valuations can be best understood by those who are associated with government and many other quasi-government organizations. These organizations control assets that could run to millions or even billions of dollars. Hence, it is important that these assets are recognized and valued on a regular basis.

This is a humungous job and calls for expertise and experience. We are in the field of valuations for the past many years and are therefore counted as one of the most able services providers when it comes to such asset register valuations.

In fact many government agencies that require these asset register valuations on a regular basis have found it prudent to outsource it to us. We offer a host of services in this field including:

  • Preparation of Financial Statement that are accrual in nature.
  • Do everything that is required to ensure that such statements are in line with statutory reporting requirements.
  • We also play a big role in helping organizations to plan the control process and reporting system in an efficient manner.
  • We ensure that the asset register valuations are done within a time bound period because of important statutory requirements.
  • Though not within our scope of job definition we try and help customers to ensure that the assets are properly maintained, tracked and accounted for.
  • We use the correct yardsticks when it comes to valuing the various assets.
  • Insuring the assets is also important and we help in valuing the assets for such insurance purposes.
  • We also help in time bound generation of reports and other such documents which could be useful to the management of these organizations.

Hence it would be pertinent to mention here that for smooth running of government organizations proper asset valuation is a must and we certainly are the best when it comes to such valuations.

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