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Asset Register Valuations

An asset register is a list that takes account of all a business’s assets, including any pieces of equipment, supplies and items that form part of the day to day operations of the business. It is important for a business to have an up to date asset register, including the current market value of all of its assets.

An asset register can be large or small depending on the size of the business. Some companies will only hold a few key items that form part of their asset register, while other larger, multi-million dollar companies can have a more extensive list. A business’s asset register is a crucial document for a business, and it’s essential that it is regularly maintained and up to date. As such, we understand that an asset register valuation needs to be completely transparent and reflects the accurate market value of each item.

At Melbourne Property Valuers Metro, we understand that Asset Register valuations are an important step used to assist businesses and individuals understand where value lies within possession of items and equipment. Some businesses can control up to millions of dollars worth of assets, so it is paramount that there is accurate and reliable information on the value, depreciation and insurable value of them to know where the business stands financially. This should be completed on a regular basis (1-3 years) for financial reporting purposes.

We have a specialised team of valuers that are experts in providing valuations for plant and equipment. In doing so, a business has to have an up to date asset register that is essential for insurance purposes and correct financial reporting. Our valuers have over 20 years experience in the industry and have the acquired knowledge and expertise to produce a quality valuation for your asset register.

Due to the complex nature asset register valuations, an expert valuer with extensive experience in plant & equipment is required to perform the valuation. For more information in regard to the specific procedures and standards in regard to plant & equipment valuation, you can check out the Federal Register of Legislation.

We supply our clients with comprehensive valuation reports for asset register purposes that breaks down each asset and analyses its usage and its depreciative value. This is important to determine each assets market value, whether it be for the purpose of its sale, its current use in the workplace or to determine if it needs to be removed from the workplace.

Asset Register Valuers Melbourne

As a full service valuation company, Metro Property Valuers Metro are one of the leading valuation firms that service the Melbourne metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on our reputable senior valuers that can research and prepare extensive, thorough valuation report for asset registers for all our clients. We act solely for instructing party and act without any conflict of interest, agenda or bias. As such, we proudly maintain complete independence and transparency throughout the entire valuation process.

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro have a highly experienced team in this area and is committed to providing a high quality service coupled with accurate and well-researched reports. Our expertise is shown through our dedication to our clients in all areas of service. A few examples that are driving factors to our success include:

  • Our preparation comprehensive registers for financial statements;
  • Completing all such valuations in line with statutory reporting requirements, standards and guidelines;
  • Assist organisations in the planning and reporting system process to improve efficiency and transparency;
  • Ensuring the asset register valuation work is completed within a time-bound period;
  • Though not within the reporting requirements, we try to advise clients on the proper maintenance of the assets; and
  • Insurance for the assets is also a high priority for organisations and we can advise the best value to insure for.

Our Plant and Machinery valuers have completed a wide range of asset register valuations from private clients to ASX listed companies, taking them to various locations such as mining sites in the middle of Australia. We have valued a number of assets for companies that have been placed into Liquidation or Administration. This valuation and subsequent sale of the asset allows creditors to recoup unpaid debts or investment.

In addition to this, we have a helpful team of office staff that can assist you from the beginning enquiry and throughout the valuation process. Furthermore, we are always here to help with any query or concern that may arise during this time. Our guiding principles are revolved around accuracy, honesty and integrity and we always strive for excellence with all of our clients.

For the correct property valuation Melbourne reporting process for asset registers for your business or organisations, contact us today on (03) 9021 2007 for a free quote or to seek advice from one of our friendly representatives. Alternatively, please fill out an online enquiry form and we will reply as soon as possible. We won’t be beaten on price or service!

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